My Husband Wants Me To Move Out: My Husband Asked Me To Leave House

Is it possible to save my marriage? If you are one among those who have this question troubling you, then you are possibly in a marriage in which love has evaporated or one which has already been showing signs of breaking up. Cracks in a relationship can appear for various reasons ranging from the trivial to the serious.

Sometimes, the question 'Is it possible to save my marriage?' arises in the mind of only one person. Does it mean that the other person is happy with the marriage? Possible. If this were the case, the other person is not aware of any problems in the marriage and has been carrying on with life blissfully. Such a person should have been a blessed one! The other possibility is that the problem was caused by the other person and being aware of this, has already reconciled to a separation. So they just don't care. The third possibility is that the person is a stoic, one who has the mental maturity to accept whatever life hands over to them. They also belong to the blessed category. I am not concerned with these people but with those like you who are troubled by the question,'Is it possible to save marriage? My answer is a resounding YES! Just follow the following the following few tips, though these may appear unconventional.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Step back: If you have broken a glass object by mistake, what do you do? Will you just stand there staring at wishing that the broken pieces reassemble themselves and the original object comes back to life? No. the first thing you will do is to clear the spot off the broken pieces. The logic is simple. You cannot preserve a spoiled environment. In the same way, you have to move away from the breaking up event. This means accepting the break up as something that has happened and as something that cannot be wished away and move away from it both mentally and physically. Moving away physically means to cut off all contacts with your ex.

Recharge yourself: If you are not going to stop with wondering 'Is it possible to save my marriage?' and if you are going to do something about getting what you want, you need to be in great shape both physically and psychologically. Recharge your batteries by taking care of your physiological and emotional needs. Take care of your health and socialize a bit, if not a lot. If an idle mind is the devil's workshop, an energetic mind should be the place where the angels would love to visit and help you find a positive answer to the question, 'Is it possible to save my marriage?'

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Angie and Scott, who live in Atlanta, have been dating seriously for about a year. One day, Scott comes home with big news: he's been offered a new job... in San Francisco.

For Scott, the opportunity is a no-brainer- it's a promotion and exciting change of scenery-and Angie's happy for him. But what does it mean for their relationship?

They have talked about one day moving in together and eventually getting married. But a cross-country move introduces pressure into decisions they might or might not be prepared to make-and certainly shouldn't take lightly. If Angie is considering making the move with him, here are a few questions each should consider:

Are there any false assumptions at play?

Angie may be head over heels in love and willing to follow Scott to the moon, but before she starts apartment hunting, she needs to know this is what he wants as well. If he doesn't explicitly say that he envisions this as a joint move, she needs to ask outright-and he needs to answer honestly. He needs to understand that she might be giving up a lot to move cross-country, so giving lip service to the idea of having her join him is not enough. It's a major commitment for both, and they need to do an honest assessment of their relationship before making such a big decision.

Part of that is making sure that whatever you decide, it is for the right reasons. By no means should Angie move to San Francisco­ because she's afraid of losing Scott, only to find out months down the road that he still has lingering ambivalence about the relationship (and here she is, stuck in a strange city).

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How Does Each of You Handle Change?

Are you the kind of person who embraces new environments, or are you more change-averse? Now is a great time to think and talk about this, when it's relatively early in the relationship. If it turns out Angie had planned to stay, marry, build her career and raise children in Atlanta-whereas Scott has a streak of wanderlust-discovering this difference in personalities now is probably a blessing in disguise. Does Scott see San Francisco as a permanent move, or does he hope to move back to Atlanta after a while? Maybe it's neither-he'd be happy to keep moving every few years in search of better career opportunities and new adventures. If it turns out they're near-opposites in that respect, each should think long and hard before committing to a life together.

Do you have realistic expectations for the transition?

If Angie and Scott do decide to move to San Francisco together, they need to find out-and talk about-what that is going to look like, at least during the transition. With a new job in a demanding field, does Scott expect to be working long hours-and is Angie prepared to be understanding of that and find ways to keep herself occupied in the new city? If she's career-oriented, does she feel good about her job prospects there? At least at first, she'll face a different set challenges than Scott without a job awaiting her on day one and the built-in professional network that comes with it. She needs to go in with eyes wide open to avoid becoming resentful that his transition is easier in some ways, though also more demanding of his time.

If they are honest about their expectations, it could be one of the most exciting moves of their lives. If, instead, they discover a hidden but serious area of incompatibility, it will be a painful realization but one they're better off facing now rather than later. The good news is they've each gained valuable insight into their personal visions for the long-term, which should help in building future relationships. Dating is always a learning experience, if you let it be, and we should embrace the challenges along with the good times for what they can teach us.

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A gift for your spouse is an illustration of what you think about them and how much you care for them. Buying a gift is not just about picking anything on the shelves. It requires you to take your time to think of the kind of gift your spouse would appreciate. You need to buy something innovative and unique for your spouse. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect gift for your spouse:

· Investigate

The first thing you need to do is to investigate what they have been admiring lately. You can search through their web history or ask close friends what your spouse has been talking about lately. Getting your spouse a gift that you did not put any thought into is not as appealing. You need to get the one thing he or she wishes to have. It could be a new pair of shoes she saw online or a watch he saw a friend buy. Your spouse will appreciate the effort you put into getting the gift once he or she sees it.

· Surprise

The element of surprise never gets old. Even after years of marriage, surprise still achieves the same result it did the first time you met. Once you get the perfect gift for your spouse, surprise him or her. Give him or her the gift when he/she least expects it. A surprise is a way of showing love and care. It shows that you are still as romantic as you were when you first started dating. It is a perfect way to spice up your marriage to keep the love strong.

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· Sentimental gifts

Sometimes you need to get your spouse a sentimental gift. Some gifts like flowers and chocolate may be old fashioned but you can find a way to make them amazing gifts for your spouse. The trick is in how you deliver these gifts. You can attach a poem to the flowers or the chocolate and leave them for your spouse to find. It's a gesture of love for your spouse. These are gifts that do not cost a lot of money but show how much you love your spouse.

· A getaway

Planning a getaway trip for your spouse is not just a gift for him or her it is also a gift for you. It is an opportunity for you to pamper your spouse and to spend some quality time with him or her. You should plan for this ahead of time to avoid last minute rushing. It gives you the opportunity to rekindle your love and have a good time with your spouse.

To impress your spouse every time, you need to come up with innovative gifts and innovative ways to deliver these gifts. Take time and find the best gift for your spouse. Marriage is all about the extra effort and nothing says extra effort like a unique perfect gift. These tips will help you get a gift for your spouse they will never forget.

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Are you after some useful relationship advice for women? What this article is going to be about is something dangerous that people do in a relationship. I would be rather sexist if I was to say that only women did it. We men are just as guilty of doing it. However, for the purposes of this article, I'm going to focus it on the ladies who know that they're guilty. This "thing" that women do causes a lot of grief in a relationship, causing cracks to appear. The worst part is, no one really has to do anything wrong for it to happen in the first place. What am I talking about? Assumptions, of course. This is how it hurt my relationship in the past.

1. Something She Assumed

I'm going to talk about my wife first and something she assumed that hurt me and damaged our relationship. We were going out to dinner one night. I asked if she could pay and she indignantly told me that it was my turn to pay.

She went and started blaming me for being stingy. Afterwards, I revealed a new Tiffany & Co necklace that she had always wanted. I wanted to keep it a surprise from her and had basically saved up for a couple months to afford it for her. Her lesson learned? A man may be short-term stingy, but it could be because he's thinking long-term.

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2. Something I Assumed

This is something that I regret doing, but I have to mention it, simply to illustrate a lesson to any men out there who may be reading this article. There was this one time that I found a pregnancy test in the bin in the bathroom. I picked it up and it showed positive.

I stormed out of the bathroom and when Elle came home, I demanded an explanation. I came pretty close to hitting her and she was in tears before she told me that it was her best friend's. My lesson learned? Don't let your emotions get the better of you.

3. How To Think Twice

It's really easy to jump to conclusions, regardless of your gender. If you want to prevent anything unfortunate from happening like it did to me, try this out: whenever you want to assume something, think twice about at least 3 possibilities. It will calm you down and not make you as emotional if you talk to your man about it.

If you've been looking for relationship advice for women, hopefully this has been helpful. Don't let assumptions make holes in your marriage. It can happen over nothing. Calm down, think about other possibilities then talk to your partner about your concerns. He will appreciate you for it.

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