My Husband Said He Wished He Never Married Me: Is It Normal To Regret Getting Married

I sometimes hear from wives who are reeling because their husband had admitted that he's not in love with them anymore. This can make them question if it is even going to be possible to save their marriage. I heard from a wife who said: "last night my husband and I argued and he told me that he's not in love with me. He couldn't have told me anything that would have upset me more. I asked him where this leaves our marriage and he said that he didn't know. Because we have children, I would very much like to save our marriage, but I'm not even sure if it's going to be possible if he doesn't love me. I find myself wondering what is the point if there's no feelings left for him. Is there any chance to save your marriage when your husband isn't in love with you?"

I know that some people are going to disagree with what I'm about to answer. And this is perfectly OK. But it is my opinion and experience that many marriages survive even when one spouse believes they are no longer in love with the other? Why? Well, there are several reasons. First of all, people are sometimes wrong in their perceptions. Second, people change their mind. Third, just because he's not feeling very loving toward you know, this doesn't mean that his feelings can't or won't change when he things that you do to save your marriage drastically improve it. I will discuss this in more detail in the following article.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Why Your Goal Shouldn't Be To Get Him To Stay Married To You At All Costs Without Making Changes To His Feelings: I have had wives ask me if there is any way to get their husband to stay even though he doesn't love them. I understand the question because it is one that went through my own mind after my husband left me. But, I also know first hand that this is a hollow victory. Yes, some men will remain unhappily married even when they don't love their wives. Because of their kids perhaps, they vow to stick it out even when they know that things just aren't what they should be. And while this might be a relief because you want to save your marriage, it also means that you are settling for far less than you have to. I know first hand that it is completely possible to set it up so that your husband falls back in love with you. And that's why I believe that nothing less should be your goal. Sure, you want to save your marriage. But also, you want to improve your marriage so much that you are both very much in love with one another.

Make Your First Priority Returning The Love Knowing That Saving Your Marriage Will Follow: I know first hand that when you know that you're at risk of losing your marriage, you can be driven by fear. I used to think that nothing could be worse than getting divorced. As a result, I was so much more worried about saving my marriage than actually improving it. This was a huge mistake. Because my methods did nothing to address my husband's lack of love for me. Therefore, there was nothing to motivate him to stay and my plan just reeked of desperation which was a total turn off for him.

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It took me entirely to long to realize that the better plan was to not focus so much on saving my marriage at all costs. Instead, I chose to trust that if I could improve things so much that the love returned, then saving my marriage would take care of itself. Once this tiny little shift in my thinking happened, things drastically improved. My husband noticed my change of attitude and he was much more willing to make himself available to me. And, when we were together, he wasn't nearly as guarded as he had been. Yes, this was sort of a leap of faith on my part. But eventually, it became pretty obvious that I didn't have much to lose. So I just decided that it was worth it to try to reignite the feelings between us and have trust that good things would happen as the result.

To do this, I searched my memory of what drew us together and what my husband most loved about me. I soon figured out that the woman he originally had loved so much, the funny, easy going, light hearted woman who loved adventure was not who I was portraying to him in the present time. I knew that this had to change. I wasn't going to be fake or change who I was. But I was going to show him the best version of myself. This didn't work overnight, but it certainly worked eventually, which is why I would tell anyone to never give up hope.

So to answer the question posed, yes, you can save your marriage if your husband isn't in love with you, but you will have a much better chance of doing so (and will have a better marriage as the result) if you can return the love first. Because frankly, you deserve nothing less than this.

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If you are planning on saving your second marriage, it may help to go to for marriage counseling as soon as possible. You may even want to undergo some type of therapy before you actually get married. At the very least, this will give you some time to figure out if you are ready to commit to the marriage and your new partner.

Chances are, you will find that you act the same way with different people. For example, you may express your political views with different people, and still maintain a basic element of your personality in each discussion. Therefore, a great deal of your communication style is actually a matter of habit. In a similar way, your marital behaviors will simply transfer from one person to the next. Without a question, it will be to your advantage to go to a marriage counselor in order to find out which behaviors are causing problems as quickly as possible.

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Typically, if you failed at your first marriage, you may feel like there may not be much hope for your second one either. On the other hand, if you have a strong connection with your new spouse, you may just be able to use the early days of the relationship to put the marriage on a stronger footing. When you go for marriage counseling, you will be able to ask an impartial observer to tell you where you need to focus your attention in order to build a healthy relationship.

As strange as it may seem, every marriage has a chance to succeed. In many cases, saving your second marriage may be as easy as taking all of the steps you failed to take in order to save your first one. While this may be a difficult process, at least you can have peace of mind knowing that you are taking useful steps to build a better life for yourself and your spouse.

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You have tried everything; Individual counseling, couples counseling, long talks with your spouse. Maybe you have even cried, begged and pleaded with your spouse to work through your marital problems together. You've fought and argued. The sleepless worrisome nights are piling up. Who can live like this? But through it all, you want to save your marriage even though divorce seems certain. Finally, there is a powerful plan for saving your marriage that even works when you are facing a divorce.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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It is absolutely essential right now that you realize that time is very short when your spouse is asking for a divorce. Many people in this position are not thinking or acting rationally and emotion has taken over. You will be the one reacting calmly and rationally. You will take the lead in saving your marriage, because if you don't then who will? What you are trying to buy is just a bit of time, and calm and rational action is your ally! So whenever possible, do not resort to the most common tactics of crying, begging, pleading, anger, arguing, promises to change, constant phone calls or text messages to your spouse. These will all but guarantee your failure!

Thank God I found out myself about a revolutionary approach to saving my marriage when everything else had failed me! My best thinking nearly cost me my marriage until I learned about an approach with a nearly 90% success rate. All that it requires of you is a strong desire to save your marriage and a willingness to take strong and powerful action! Remember, time is not on your side right now. Your actions during the next few hours days and weeks will make or break your chances to save your marriage.

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Before you actually do contemplate filing for divorce it is worth taking a close look at your relationship. This way you may find that you are able to determine the reason why your marriage has suddenly hit a rough patch. If you are able to identify the problem then this may well help to provide a solution to stop your divorce and save your marriage.

In this article we offer some tips that you may find useful that could prevent your marriage like others ending in divorce.

Tip 1 - Just by spending some time together and doing things that can help to reignite the love you have for each other can help to save your marriage. So why not ask a friend to look after the kids for an evening and then set up a romantic meal for you and your partner. By doing something that they are not expecting will show them just how much they mean to you and how much you care about them.

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Tip 2 - Although you may find it difficult you need to be communicating with each other if you want to save your marriage. If you or your partner don't know the reason why you are upset then how can you work on finding a solution to deal with it. It is important that when talking about your marriage you are open and honest with each and are willing to listen to what each other has to say. Plus you must also be willing to make changes (both of you) that are going to work at helping you to both save your marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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