My Husband Says His Money Is His: My Husband Is Controlling With Money

Money problems are one of the top reasons for divorce among married couples. Mismanagement of finances, over spending and under budgeting can cause so much stress that sometimes the marriage just begins to crumble. If you want to save your marriage from divorce, these tips will help to get your finances and your marriage back on track.

Discuss Your Financial Situation

Sit down and talk about your finances, your current money situation and ways you can get it all under control. There are many options available such as debt consolidation or credit counseling. Both of you should look at all of the options and determine the best solution for you and your situation.

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Create and Follow a Budget

One of the main steps to regaining control of your finances is to make a budget and follow it consistently. Gather all of your bills and write down the balances, minimum payments due, payment due dates and any other pertinent information along with monthly income. Also make sure to included any other expenses such as groceries, clothing, entertainment, etc. Look over your newly created budget and look for any unnecessary expenses you could eliminate or reduce.

Once your budget has been created, make sure to follow it every month to help keep your finances in line. Over spending can really wreck havoc on your finances. If this is a major source of concern in your marriage between one or both partners, it will be especially important for you to stick with your budget.

Make a Plan

Finally, you need to make a plan to get out of debt. There are many ways to get rid of all of your debt, but the best plan will be the one you stick to and follow consistently, just as you would with your new budget. Without a plan, your finances and marriage will just continue to worsen.

Now that you have these three tips, you need a guide to help you achieve these goals. More detailed information can help you to quickly save your marriage and get out of debt. Make your choice today for a better future.

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Are you having marital problems? Do you think the pressure in life are getting to you and is affecting your marriage? Want to know how to fireproof your marriage. Husbands and wives do undergo a lot of struggles in their relationship. As a husband, there are so many things you have to think of. You have to worry about your job, finances and family. As a breadwinner, it's not easy.

What is more is that, there are even more temptations compared to when you were just a single guy. Now, there are obligations and commitments. But one thing you never regret doing is marrying the woman of your life. You must hope that it stays that way and she won't live you for another man. Come to think of it, divorce is rampant nowadays. You should be able to know how to fireproof your marriage.

1. Stay away from any form of unacceptable addiction. Many married guys are hooked to alcohol, gambling and to some, drugs. Some are even in the habit of womanizing. Those things could actually destroy your marriage. Drugs and alcohol can destroy your way of thinking. What is worse is that, you become moody and easily angered. You go home drunk and you wife won't be happy to see you that way. You are also setting a wrong kind of example to your children.

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Gambling can greatly affect your finances. Initially, you only gamble a few dollars. The next thing you know, you are already a high rolling gambler in Las Vegas. Sure, the money is good. But you don't win all the time. You will end up penniless in the long run. When you still go to strip clubs, you actually love your woman less. That would be excruciating for her.

2. Always have a good communication system. Women are known to be naggers. On the other hand, men are known to be deaf. They don't listen to what their wives say. You know what; the reason why she's nagging at you is because you don't listen to her in the past. You can't blame her for being like that. So if you want the nagging to stop, you have got to listen to her. When you are caught up in an argument, don't storm your way out of the door. Sit down and hear her pleas and concerns. Never scream at her. That is one thing that you should never do to her.

3. Make God as the foundation of your relationship. There's a good reason why God should be the foundation of your relationship. Think of it this way, if you make sex the center of your relationship, it won't go anywhere. If both of you get bored with sex, your relationship goes down the drain. If money is the focus, what will happen to the both of you? Your wife may leave if you become penniless. If you have God, both of you become grounded. Both of you will keep your feet on the ground.

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What men want in a woman is a boss. Wait a second. If you're working, you would know how unbearable a boss can be. They can be commanding, overbearing and just plain rude. Still, you have to be respectful towards him and do what he says, lest he/she fires you. If your man treats you as that sort of boss, there's not much he would get out of that. The relationship would be somewhat one-sided and he wouldn't be really happy. What I will explain are the three "boss" traits you should get used to exhibiting if you want your marriage to be stronger than ever.

1. Permission

Your man respects you. He doesn't make you do anything he doesn't want you to do. Because he respects you, this also means that you're in a position to allow or deny him from doing certain things.

This might not come in the form of a solid "yes" or "no", it could simply be that he's letting you know that he's doing something. If he's at least telling you, he is still getting your approval in some form.

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2. Reward

We are all externally and internally motivated in some way. Some of us are more motivated in a particular manner. At any rate, we all know that we like to be rewarded, which is can come as external motivation.

Bosses reward good workers by giving them a raise. Obviously you're not paying your man to be married to you, but if you reward him occasionally, he will respect what you give him and it will have a high perceived value.

3. Punishment

Believe it or not, men actually need punishment. If I'm out of line, it's better that my wife gets angry at me and lets me know that she's displeased. If I'm free to do whatever I want, then I don't respect her as much.

A lot of women find it hard to do this, especially if their man is the dominant one. Ladies, it's worth the short-term pain for the long-term benefit you get out of doing it. Tell him off, give him the cold shoulder... whatever it takes to deprive him of your affection, albeit temporarily.

What men want in a woman is someone who knows how to be a boss to them. It's not about being bossy and hard to deal with, it's about moderating your own behaviour to be a good boss. Someone who is rewards good behaviour and hard work and punishes if the person is slack. This will lead to respect for the boss in the long term. Respect ultimately leads to love too.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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When you need relationship advice, beware of the self-styled experts on relationship issues. If you are serious in improving your relationship, then evaluate the experts on the basis of their experiences and skills. Many people rely on friends and family for getting expert advice to improve their relationship. Do you think it can yield fruitful results?

Certainly, the job of an expert relationship consultant is far more serious and involves an in-depth study of human psychology and science. While friends are great for providing moral support you should rely on professionals that can help you improve and fix your relationship problems.

While family and friends can provide excellent moral support they most likely aren't familiar with the strategies that can seem complex if you are not familiar with them. The steps to take to improve a relationship can even seem backwards to the uninformed. So make sure to seek out quality information.

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While a girlfriend might say she knows how a man things, I wouldn't count on it. Psychologists have studied the things that men and women need in a relationship for many years. There is great information available that goes into detail about what that is. If you know what your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend wants, you pretty much just have to give it to them.

Some of the expert advice you can find is through a therapist or counselor, or a class or a book. You might find some okay free information on the internet, but much of the information should be taken with a grain of salt and double checked.

Now Listen Carefully-

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