My Husband Says His Money Is His: My Husband Is Controlling With Money

Money is what the world makes go round, as they say. It is also one of the good reasons why a marriage becomes happy. However, there are a lot of marriages that were destroyed because of money. This is because they were not prepared to handle the pressure of money. Talking about money is very important especially before getting married. Do not assume that because you love each other, it will be enough when it comes to money matters. Remember that money is money and no matter how much it is, it can still be the cause of misunderstanding. So before worst becomes worst, here are some important things you must do:

Be transparent. Do not hide anything about money especially before you get married. This is very important because you will now be as one, and what one is having, the other one shares too. This includes all assets and liabilities, which means that even small loans should be discussed in full details. Just like any partnership, you have to be open to each other in order to maintain a harmonious relationship. If you fail to do so, this may mean that you do not also trust your spouse and you cannot be trusted.

Discuss future expenses. Just like opening a business, you must make some feasibility studies first before spending. Providing a detailed list on where money should go is a must to avoid potential quarrel with your spouse. Moreover, be sure that you have a common set of priorities although there will be a lot of temptations like excessive shopping. If your salary is just enough for both of you, include family planning.

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Agree on rules. Pre-nuptial agreement is not only for rich couples. Actually, it should be made by all kinds of couples because an agreement will hold the responsibilities of each other. It does not necessarily mean that you will have a written agreement in front of a lawyer. You can just talk and agree about money handling. This includes who will pay the bills, buy the food and other related obligations.

Never point a finger. No matter how good you are in handling money, there will always be some lapses. In this case you should not blame your spouse if she finds it hard to make a good budget. There are also other factors that can affect your budget, like money devaluation and high price of commodities. It is therefore not realistic to blame your spouse alone for some losses. But if one of you has failed, talk about how you can help each other.

Never underestimate your spouse. If you are the bread winner, it is still not right to think that you are the better one. You must also give your spouse a chance to prove that she can help somehow. Share your income not only for the house needs but also her personal things. You must also give her the right to know what much you are earning so that she can budget it well. If she also earns but not as much as you are receiving, be happy for her.

Live a simple life. If you are spending more than what you are earning, you will run out of money soon. This can be the start of your fight because you will be blaming each other for the overspending both of you enjoyed. Have a habit of saving a bit will be a help in case of emergency. After all, you can still enjoy each other without being too luxurious.

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I hope I'm wrong but if statistics are right then you have less than a 50% chance of having a successful marriage. The question is what are you doing to make sure your marriage succeeds?

There is no secret to having a rewarding marriage. Yet, so many couples fail to find the right ingredients to maintain a happy and healthy marriage. Why is it that we let life get in the middle and mess up our hopes and dreams of living happily ever after? Well, the following information should provide some insight into things you might be guilty of that leads to a failed and unsuccessful marriage.

Stuff That Prevents A Successful Marriage

Lack of commitment - One of the ways to throw your marriage off track is to lose the commitment and focus of putting the needs of your marriage ahead of your own wants and desires. Think of it as two people being on the same page with like thoughts and goals and desires and one person starts to slowly rip the page apart. Instead of making financial decisions for the benefit of the family they become selfish decisions which indicate that commitment is fading fast.

For some spouses, committing and investing time in growing the relationship is no longer an interest or priority. Once one spouse starts to pull away and no longer be committed it's a recipe for frustration, bitterness and resentment that will lead to a host of other problems and probably a rocky road to divorce, if not corrected.

Personal Unhappiness - If one spouse is unhappy and unfulfilled as an individual it can make the relationship difficult. Happiness must be from within and not totally dependent upon others, especially your spouse. Your soul-mate will let you down all the time and you will start to blame your spouse for your unhappiness when in fact you aren't really happy with yourself. If you want a successful marriage, it's important that you learn to love and be happy with yourself.

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Ineffective Communication - Communication is at the core of many successful and unsuccessful marriages. In marriages that are good and heading towards great you will find that couples are able to communicate effectively i.e., they connect and get each other. They understand each others words, or expressions or actions. They find a way to talk about issues in their marriage that are important to them, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the matter.

There is no way to have a successful marriage if you can't listen to each other and trust that your honesty and transparency will not be rejected, abused or manipulated by your spouse. You know you are communicating well with your partner when issues get resolved and you feel better after discussing marital issues then you did going into the conversation.

Missing Intimacy - Intimacy is vital to a happy marriage and intimacy is slightly different for couples. The one thing it isn't is just sex. If you aren't meeting each others emotional needs then you have a challenge ahead of keeping your marriage blissful. For the marriage to be healthy and happy, spouses need to feel loved and cared for. It could be with periodic expressions of love such as holding hands, hugging and kissing for no reasons or perhaps taking a stroll through a park or a mall. It could for some spouses be in the form of just having a shoulder to cry on or an attentive caring sounding ear.

Again, intimacy is one of those key ingredients that if missing in a marriage can cause division and separation if not corrected.

There is good news and sad news when it comes to a successful marriage. The good news is that there are no secrets. All couples have the same resources available to learn what it takes to have a happy and healthy marriage. The sad news is that many couples fail to implement the stuff they know they should be doing to build a better marriage.

I do understand that marriage can be difficult at times and can frustrate you to the point of wanting to give up. Please don't throw in the towel. You can learn how to change the dynamics of your marriage so that you both are happy.

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The reason that you are reading this article is because you wish to find tips to save your divorce. Yes, there are things that you can do to stop your divorce and save your marriage now. I just want to let you know that no situation is hopeless and I am very sure that you and your spouse can get back together.

The first step to stop divorce is to pull yourself up once again. I understand that it is a devastating feeling when your spouse leaves you. It is sad to see a once happily married couple going through a divorce. But, if you want to save your marriage, you must stop feeling depressed and focus on what you are going to do next.

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Next, you are going to ask your spouse out and talk to them. Your opening move is very important. One very effective opening move is this: "I totally agree with the divorce my dear as I understand what really went wrong. I am going to take responsibility for it. But I just want to tell you that I am willing to change, no matter what it takes. If you could ask me to change anything, what would it be?" Try saying this to your spouse. Your spouse should have some ideas in their mind and your job is to make them tell you.

If your spouse is still not ready to come back to you, don't lose hope. They need some time to reflect on the situation too. As long as you follow the system and use proven methods to save your marriage, you can stop your divorce.

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In this article, you will find 3 excellent ways to save your marriage. However, it is very important for you to understand the idea about marriage. Once you can do this, then you will be very happy to see that your partner will fall in love with you again.

It is a fact that every couple quarrel many times in the marriage life. However, some arguments are considered to be good and they can help you save your marriage as well. Meanwhile, some small arguments may cause a big problem until either one of you just want to break up and get a divorce.

These are 3 excellent ways to save your marriage.

It is highly recommended that you need to learn how to manage any conflicts

How often do you tell your partner that you love her/him? Well, you may think that this is just a little factor, but it is considered to be the most reliable factor of the successful marriage. Aside from this, both you and your partner should be able to manage any conflicts that might happen. You can save your marriage by trying to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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You need to try to make your partner very important

One of the biggest mistakes in the marriage is when you put down your partner in front of other people. If you feel that other people are more important than your partner, then you are walking towards the end of your marriage life. Just keep in mind that your spouse needs to be more important than other people.

You need to learn to look for the positive and try to ignore the negative

It is a fact that your partner is not perfect. This goes to you as well. You can save your marriage by trying to say only the good thing to your partner. However, if you can't do this, then it is better for you not to say anything.

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Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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