You no longer have to feel embarrassed wearing open-toe shoes, sandals, or going barefoot to the beach because of the toenail discoloration caused by toenail fungus. This condition could be easily addressed by a podiatrist.

Laser therapy for Nail Fungus

Nail Laser therapy is an FDA-approved method for the treatment of toenail fungus, which causes discoloration, thickness, and change in the appearance and texture of the nail. Laser therapy is quite possibly the best, safest, and accessible alternative nail fungus therapy for your feet.

What is Toenail Fungus

Fungus Onychomycosis AKA nail fungus, tinea unguium, or fungal infection, is a common disease of the nail that is contagious and transmits with ease. In most cases, nail fungus influences the toenails. However, it can also influence the fingernails too.
The nail fungus organism initially shows as a yellow or white parasite on your toenail, leading to the nail thickening, then the partition of influenced nails from the nail bed. Toenail organism and fingernail growth disease can be extraordinarily hard to treat. The effectiveness of the current therapy choices, such as oral, skin, synthetic, and mechanical therapies, or a blend of these therapies, does not meet most peoples' standards.
​Due to rapid progress in laser innovation, laser therapy introduces itself as the premier nail fungus therapy alternative.

How Laser therapy Functions

A laser device produces beats of energy, which grant warmth to your tissue, including your nails and skin. The laser energy can enter through your toenail to the nail bed. By utilizing the correct frequencies or beating the laser, the effect could be limited to heat on your skin. Doing this lessens the potential for agony, excessive draining, and shields the disturbing sound of skin tissue from harm. The laser eliminates any fungi or contagious creatures accordingly by applying antifungal therapy and heat to the nail.
These microorganisms are killed when the laser's heat concentrates on them. One laser therapy meeting requires around 15 minutes, and the methodology is effortless for the vast majority of patients with toenail fungus problems. A few patients can encounter a warm sensation, which they handle with relative ease.

​What A Patient Should Expect From A Toenail Laser therapy

It requires some time for an infected toenail to recover from the affecting condition. The outcomes are not prompt, and the speed at which the contagious toenail fungus grows out relies on how quickly your nails regrow.
The laser therapy destroys the parasitic cells, yet the thickness and staining remain. The stained nail is grown off as the recently reestablished nail fills its place. By and large, it takes from nine months to a year for a fully healed nail to completely develop. Nonetheless, contingent upon the degree of the parasitic contamination, you will display eminent enhancements.
A few patients experience improvement with a single therapy. Regardless, we may prescribe extra sessions because laser nail therapy operates on a case-by-case basis, depending on each patient's therapy map.

What Is The Effect Of Fungus Nail Laser Therapy?

Clinical studies have shown that in more than 85% of cases with a single therapy, laser nail therapy can kill toenail fungus and promote the growth of clean nails.
For optimal results, it is recommended that patients receive a series of two to three therapies every four weeks.
It is very important to keep up with your appointments throughout therapy for laser nail fungus therapy because there may still be fungi or spores present and/or growing after the initial laser therapy.
Most patients usually see significant improvement after the first therapy.

What Are The Advantages Of Toenail Therapy?

There are many advantages to treat toenail fungus with the laser therapy method compared to other conventional methods.

  • No side effects.

  • No recovery period is needed.

  • This method is safe and painless.

  • Laser therapy of toenail fungus takes only 15 minutes.

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