Using a conservative yet complete approach, state-of-the-art technology, and gentle, patient-centered care, Arman Dayan, DDS, and his team at Orange Coast Dental Specialty provide excellent dental care to patients of all ages in the greater Los Angeles area. Dr. Dayan has established himself as the best prosthodontist in Huntington Beach, CA. He and his team understand that providing high-quality care means spending more time with the patients. His practice provides patients with a wide arrangement of personalized oral rehabilitation, orthodontic, implant, and cosmetic treatments.

Orange Coast Dental Specialty is a fully certified and equipped provider of CEREC 3D technology, enabling them to offer same-day, metal-free porcelain veneers, and crowns, saving you precious time by removing the need for more than one appointment. Additionally, the team offers BOTOX treatments, Clear Correct services, dentures, crowns, bridges, implant restoration, full mouth reconstruction, smile rejuvenation, and TMJ therapy.

The practice is dedicated to working with the patients to meet their specific goals and enhance the appearance and health of their smiles.

Diagnosis is the best investment.

As an experienced and highly trained prosthodontist, Dr. Dayan specializes in the management of temporomandibular and occlusion disorders and tooth replacement. He also specializes in reconstructive services for individuals with traumatic facial injuries and birth defects like cleft palates as well as other services like sleep apnea treatment.

The dental services offered at Orange Coast Dental Specialty encompass everything from minor fillings to comprehensive oral reconstruction – including esthetic dentistry procedures, occlusal treatment, and dental implants.

Malocclusion is associated with ear pain, ear congestion, hearing impairment, vertigo, and tinnitus. Occlusal treatment refers to the treatment of malocclusion (bite problems), which are the primary cause of shoulder, neck, and head pain, as well as sore jaw joints, muscles, and teeth.

Quality care you can trust

At Orange Coast Dental Specialty, your treatment plan is only intelligently created after your oral condition is thoroughly examined, and your expectations and desires are fully understood. A comprehensive dental and medical history, clinical examination, diagnostic procedure, and radiography are the diagnostic procedures that assist the specialists at this practice to better understand the nature of your problems. These diagnostic procedures and an expression of your needs and desires will enable Dr. Dayan and his team to plan the best treatment plan for you to ensure that your individual needs are met.

Working with you, they will create a plan that will enable you to make the best use of their comprehensive services. When you visit their practice, they will give you various treatment options and explain their costs and benefits for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Why choose Orange Coast Dental Specialty?

  • They think outside the box: Orange Coast Dental Specialty offers state of the art dental solutions exceptionally designed to your specific needs.
  • One on one treatment: Orange Coast Dental Specialty sees one patient at a time to make sure that everyone enjoys their ultimate dental experience.
  • Trusted by their patients: People throughout Orange County and Huntington Beach have become long-term patients because of the excellent services offered at the facility.
  • Long-lasting results: The specialists at Orange Coast Dental Specialty has truly mastered the art of prosthodontics, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry.

To learn more about their services, call their offices today, or schedule an appointment online.

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