The teacher who teaches children at the elementary school needs to plan specific activities through which cognitive, social and physical strength will be developed. At present, the education scenario has become highly advanced and the schools transmitting the education have designed the courses which consist of several new approaches to imparting education at elementary schools. The most important from among them is the diploma in elementary education from an institute. At present several modes of effective learning have emerged such as online and distance learning. While teaching children in a school a teacher has to stay updated with all the new methods of imparting education. Today with the diversification and expansion of the education sector throughout the world there is a surge of demand for qualified teachers. The course will help teachers to be patient while teaching children in the elementary stage.

We will describe the course which will help the teacher to plan activities related to educating children at the earliest stage.

To plan certain activities, teachers will have to observe the children in the schools first. In elementary stage, learning is totally dependent upon socio-cultural surrounding in which a child grows up. The activities must be such where the children are taught to understand the concept of the self. The teachers in the school will need to develop the identity of a child. The objective of a teacher is to train children about the environment and how to learn from it.

In the diploma in an elementary education course, the methodologies aim to impart language and social concepts to a child in the school. The activities range from playing, storytelling and singing. Apart from these there lies the sociological context to studies in elementary level science and maths. Teachers can also assess the progress of the children with the help of projects.

This course also discusses several approaches to examination also. Teachers need to conduct parent-teacher meetings and stay touch with the families to discuss the growth and development of the child and how they can assess performance for children’s improvements. The teachers have to stay updated with the new procedures which they can implement such as showing cartoons, movies or presentations.

Teachers need to creatively apply the new teaching methods that have been learnt. With the help of this course, teachers will be able to implement education through creative ways with the help of which they will teach learners at the elementary level. As said already that some new methods such as video presentations have been implemented and research is going on as to what new approaches can be incorporated. In the elementary education, a teacher’s duty is to make the topics easier for the children to learn. In contemporary classroom situation teachers also educate children outside of classrooms interactively and this course teaches them how to do so.

Elementary classroom teachers also need to make the classroom a great place to learn. The teacher also needs to work as a guide and motivator for children to help them achieve success through the various phases of life and to know more about the methods one must pursue the diploma in elementary education course from a reputed institute.

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Laxmon Gope is an experienced trainer at Institute of International Teachers Training who teaches the diploma in elementary education for candidates. Throughout the years he has trained many individuals to be expert educators for children.