In a world where fitness has almost become an obsessive and compulsive habit, there are several theories and techniques to help people. These techniques go beyond the need of the average person who is just looking to lose some weight, and are aimed at people looking for a well toned structure. The Whole Body Vibration technology or WBV is one such technique that aims to strengthen muscles and causes them to contract and relax several times every few seconds. This system is also known to strengthen the central nervous system by reducing cortisol- the stress hormone.

There are several manufacturers who have used the WBV technique to manufacture equipments that serve as a vibration platform. For the past several years if there is equipment that is synonymous with the Vibrational Method it is undoubtedly Power Plate. A ten minute exercise in this ‘miracle’ equipment is known to produce the same effect as a 60 minute conventional exercise regimen would produce. There are several celebrities as well who endorse Power Plate. But is it as good as the manufacturers and marketers claim it to be?

The most famous endorsement comes from Madonna who is famous for her well toned body. But do you seriously think that is well toned and structured body of Madonna is a result of just 10 minutes exercise on the Power Plate? If you do, then it’s an insult to her 20+ years of dedicated workout regime.

But there is another equipment that claims itself to be a worthy competitor to Power Plate- the TrueVibe Platform. This equipment doesn’t really come with celebrity endorsement, but there are several testimonials and client witnesses that extol the benefits of this equipment.

While Power Plate is a good equipment, there are a few defects that aren’t really apparent, but could be significant contributors to the sturdiness and quality of a WBV equipment. Some common problems with Power Plate include:

Power Plate is made from cheap plastic with plastic sheet and plastic body and Indian products of generic quality. Not everyone knows that plastic produces a completely unbalanced and uncontrolled form of vibration. The structure of it too creates a three dimensional vibration that is harmful for the body.
The surface area does not allow for an even spread, nor does it allow ease of movement for other techniques like Vibro Pilates that can be performed with the equipment.
The plastic also does not allow for free movement for people with increasing body weight.
TrueVibe on the other hand is made from German technology using high quality stainless steel parts made in Germany and Netherlands. The electric motors and inverter carry the SIEMENS mark.

The surface area is wide and can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises.

The arm of the equipment can be adjusted to increase the effectiveness of the training, unlike Power Plate that has a fixed arm thereby causing pressure in the joints and postural disorders.

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