This titled message is not just for those of us going through PTSD.
It is time to recognize the signs Creator has given to you, and me.

Scripture coincides these signs called, “Trumpets” in the book of Revelation.
The book of Daniel eerily gives the same reference coordination.

How awesome Creator is, was, and will be forever more with insight!
He is timeless, where He knows our beginnings, and ending plight.

Too bad that our world has come to this final state of judgement.
The beginning stage of sorrows will culminate like birth-pains sent.

The Christians think they know it all from scripture revealed.
What we do not know is what came before Enoch (that was concealed.)

Daniel’s countenance changed (as in Daniel 7:28) when the future was realized.
There has been a nefarious plan from our nation’s birth in justice compromised.

For those who are awake in Christ, waiting, the Great Father is making this known.
Young prophets with visions, and dreams tell us of the plan with a grown!

We must be ready for Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great's’ return, like the five wise virgins filled lamps, too.
One main way to be ready is to conquer negative emotions that keep us blue.

Granted, suffering from PTSD keeps our minds from healing properly each day.
That is why it is so important at this crucial end time to forgive, as we pray.

No outward act of contrition will compensate for a needed, cleansed heart.
When declaring Christ is our Savior, and King it is a lie and a preface to a Christian’s start.

If we stubbornly hold onto the spirits of anger, and fear we block our own salvation.
These become stumbling blocks that can only be rebuked when decrees have begun.

What do I mean by rebuking, and the saying of certain decrees you may question?
We have to truly want to have our hearts cleared (so that healing praises can be sung!)

Otherwise, when we are prayed over by those Creator I AM hears, spirits remain with a right.
Make no mistake, evil emotions have a spirit connected to them that we must fight.

If the spirits inside of anger, and fear sense we are not sincere they do not have to leave.
The person has to choose to take that high way, or else misery continues to cleave.

Does this mean that we have to be cured of all our negativity before being born again?
Certainly not, because it is through Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great we are saved, not from women or men.

Our Creator takes us as we are, when we have a sincere intention to connect to Him.
That is the beginning of becoming a new creation, getting rid of the old self so grim.

If we are not kind to others, how can we expect the Great Father's mercy to shine back on us, too?
Once we make a decision to change our attitude, Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great will show us the way through.

He will send helpers in our pathways in life to guide us onto Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great's righteous ways.
With diligence in prayer, and faith we can count on His strength to come all our days!

Author's Bio: 

Since June 2018 I have become what is called, "Activated by Caeayaron" who is the Highest Arch Angel with Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great. Both Higher Beings speak through their only designated messenger or channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on their website with hundreds of free videos at: or on YouTube under Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's name. The Angelic flows I received during that time have enabled me to become a Sacred World Healer, Magnetically Attuned Healer by Caeayaron, and a Universal Love Teacher who is qualified to teach a 7 week course (in person only)on Spirituality to get 'acquainted' with what it means to receive Angelic flows frequencies given by the Great Caeayaron and his only channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who is the Divine Love Element and Universal Light Grid Programmer AKA: former Jesus Christ! This is the time of the great awakening where Caeayaron, Great Mountain of Light reveals the truth about our human history and the need to make a choice for love or not.

You can reach me for a healing using Caeayaron's Angelic flows through this site when leaving comments and I will email you back!