Normally, during cold weather the lips become dry. Thus, it can be expected that chapped lips will likely to occur. It is quite hard to deal with these because instead of avoiding the act of licking your lips, you would likely do so due to the discomfort you will feel.

If you have dry and chapped lips as an offshoot of Angular Cheilitis, you have to immediately cure it so you would not have to bear with the pain much longer. When you have Angular Cheilitis, lip sores are present and these obviously hurt. Your lips would be dried and the corners of the mouth would crack, causing even more pain.

You will feel pain when you open your mouth to eat, when you talk, when you laugh, or when you try to kiss a loved one. Not only will you be dealing with all these pains but the longer you try to endure these lacerations in your mouth and lips, the higher the risk of getting more serious infections.

Immediate help for the one suffering from dry lips is needed because even small and simple actions would be painful for them. Eating can be hampered. Drinking acidic liquids should be avoided if you do not want to feel the sting on your mouth. The cracks on the mouth may worsen because as the mouth moves, it may bleed and become a scab later on. Thus, ulcers may form. From there, the cycle of bleeding and scabbing may be difficult to stop.

Those susceptible to Angular Cheilitis are older people, teenagers, and small children. Aside from the physical pains that will be inflicted on the patients suffering from the disease, social restrictions may also happen. Due to the appearance of their mouths and lips, the affected patients may distance themselves from most groups in society.

Chapped lips may just be small wounds but it can have huge effects on the persons suffering from it. Since there are many causes of Angular Cheilitis, there would also be a wide range of options for the medication that will be used to cure it. Usually, doctors would prescribe 1% hydrocortisone. This is a drug that can fight off Candidiasis, the bacteria that causes Angular Cheilitis.

Though hydrocortisone has not yet been proven to have definite healing effects on the disease, it can still help the patients for it is an effective pain reliever that soothes the affected part of the mouth from irritation, inflammation, and rashes. However, the users should also be warned that hydrocortisone has side effects that may include worsening of the inflammation and itching of the mouth.

Cold season is not a good time to experience chapped lips. Anything cold is the worst enemy of chapped lips because it further dries up the mouth. Thus, when you have one during winter, you should look for places where you would feel warm or humid.

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