Last Saturday my family served at our church’s annual Easter egg hunt. This annual event generally brings children and families peacefully from both the congregation and nearby neighborhoods. Fun and games are on the menu for the children who will be putting their expectations and appetites on autopilot to feed on these joyous activities. It is a time for them to run and rush to search under every nook and cranny looking for those beautiful designs on those prized eggs.

These kids are fully charged and powered to resurrect every beautifully hidden painted egg, probably not so much to wolf them down but merely to simply have fun during their annual routine of seeking the competitive edge over their peers.

I’m reminded of how our lives sometimes can seem to slip into autopilot mode as the best within us are hidden from view while simply doing the routine things for the sake of just doing life… …competing for attention, recognition or acceptance.

Just think about this for a moment. If we aren’t careful, life can sometimes become so mundane that we forget there is a rhyme and reason for being here. Our lives have purpose. We may not always know what it is but one thing for sure by running and rushing each day in search of the competitive edge will certainly not resurrect the dead areas in our lives. Gifting and talent, innovations and inventions dwell deep within us and today the challenge is RESURRECT THEM!

Take your destiny off autopilot. Write the vision. Read the vision. Speak the vision. Put your destiny in good hands – your own.

1. Take your destiny off auto-pilot. Purpose today to opp-in and take advantage of opportunities that will better your quality of life. See the assistance of like-minded people. Some things can’t be accomplished alone. And don’t just have a come-se come-si attitude, or whatever will be, will be outlook. Take control. Navigate by your gut. If you feel passionate about it, then do it.

2. Write the vision. Make a list of the things that you feel and know needs resurrecting in your life. Perhaps it’s taking care of your body, exercising or clearing your heart and mind of the past so the new you can emerge, better habits, less distractions. Write down those areas that are dead that needs reviving.

3. Read the vision. Read what you’ve written over and over each day.

4. Speak the vision. Speak what you’ve written over and over each day. Speak in the first person, “I am, I will, I can.”

5. Put your destiny in good hands – your own. Step out, take action, ignore the nay-sayers, stay focused, just do it!

Easter season brings to remembrance of Someone who was once dead; Who was resurrected by the power of divine purpose and destiny. This same power dwells within you. Give power to that purpose. Resurrect your life today!

Author's Bio: 

Deana Murphy is unique among design experts as the woman who’s been responsible for creating The Kingdom Blueprint™ for home design. Today, Deana’s a flourishing lifestyle whiz taking her signature program The S.Y.S.T.E.M.™ and her most recent program, Designtheology™ to help people take on their accountability and responsibility for a ‘God First’ attitude in home living. Founder and Dean of The Designing for Success Institute, she guides people through home life, and family transformations.