International competition can be concluded into brand competition at some extent and brand is the core element of modern business war. As for enterprise, who owns brand, who will occupy markets.

With great support from the local government and encouraging national brand promotion, Chinese government called on traditional industry and manufacturing industry to upgrade the mode.

CCTV website investment promotion channel joined hands with IBUonline developed by Shenzhen Opener technology to create a new platform for SMEs brand promotion.

A CEO Robert Goizueta has said that one day, the factory or the facilities may be burned out, but the brand value will not be wavered by anything. The statement has outlined the importance of brand hinges on enterprises development.

CCTV website investment channel cooperation with IBUonline can obtain the following advantages:

1.Enterprise image will be enhanced comprehensively; new package will improve CIS (corporate identification system).

2.Channel expansion: enterprises may benefit from logo authorized form, to increase reputation and create a model unit in the industry. It will be a great lead for bringing in purchasers and reinforce enterprises exhibition fair effect and promote enterprises joining in.

3.The platform will be a high-end exhibition platform with authorization and great influence.

4.B2B e-business industry is facing credit problems, which can be resolved in this way.

Supported by brand logo, B2B e-business will have a bright future.

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