So, I am just like you…

I want to know exactly how things will work…

I want to know that every single effort I put in, towards the quest for my big goals will result in all the riches and the impact that I know I am born for.

And so, instead of just going with my gut, I go look see what everyone else is doing…

I look for the strategy, the definite pathway that someone else seemed to follow and I seek to do exactly the same thing except that it never feels all that good and it seems to take me away from my own path and frankly, I just cannot stick to it for any length of time.

And so then I make no money, have no impact and I have just wasted an unnecessary amount of irreplaceable time in thinking my way to a path that is not mine to take.

I know there is no ‘paint by numbers’ path for leaders like me and yet, I spend all that time looking…

And you do it too.

You stop trusting that the calling within you will lead you onto the correct path for you…

You get an inkling of an idea in your gut that you need to learn a certain marketing strategy for the next step in your evolution but then, instead of just learning that strategy and then applying it, you get caught up in comparing yourself to other people and trying to learn everything out there THAT YOU DO NOT NEED!

And it takes you off your path…

You make no money…

No one gets served…

You feel dissatisfied…

And no one gets served…

You waste more time on the wrong path for you…


You are thinking TOO MUCH and I know it seems to be the sensible thing to do but all your current thinking has gotten you this sensible life that you do not much like.

So, maybe you want to try something different.

A more ‘go with your gut’ approach…

Something a bit more daring, for sure, but it keeps tugging at you anyway when you take a few moments to be quiet and listen!
So, why not act on it?

Maybe, just maybe it is your higher power trying to tell you to pay attention and go this unusual way that seems crazy but is exactly what you need to do to get to the next level.

I mean, right now… even as I write this, it all feels pretty touchy-feely and I pride myself on being a more practical, down-to-earth kinda girl but even I know that some things have to be acted on by faith.

There is not always rhyme or reason to the things that happen to you when you are on the more intuitive path.

I still remember getting my first property – The start of me being able to leave pharmacy forever…

And I was just acting on faith.

I had an inkling that a particulr step was the next thing to do and so, instead of trying to figure it all out before taking the first step, I just decided to go put some adverts out for tenants. And I did not even have a property for them to live in yet but I decided to act on my inkling.

And as I acted on it, a landlord randomly offered me a property.

I could not have predicted that.

And even when he offered it to me, my more practical side was tempted to say ‘no’! – It was all happening too quick, I was not ready yet but I saw the open door and courageously walked through.

And within a few months, I was creating enough income to take on a property manager and also to leave pharmacy.

And all because I dared to act on a hint, an inkling, rather than try to figure it all out before I even took one step.

Stop holding yourself back because you think that the next step seems crazy.

Act on it!

Step out in faith and do the thing!

Clarity is found in action, not in trying to figure it all out in your head. You do not have access to all the facts yet because your thinking is limited. It is only as you tap into intuition that you avail yourself of wisdom that is not immediately apparent to your more practical side.

I know it all seems a little crazy but hey, it works.

And when you are doing the lurking of other people’s businesses, books, music or ministries, this is the part that they cannot explain to you, the part you cannot see. And so you try to distil out the step-by-step plan for success and something keeps eluding you and it is this part.

The part no one can explain…

The part that you only discover by having faith in the process.

Leader, rise up and act on your intution.

Take the next intuitive step boldly.

And then see what door opens next.

Sometimes, you will get it wrong, for sure!

But you will have learnt something and the next door will be even more apparent if you stay brave and courageous.

Stop overthinking.

Start acting.

Start taking massive action in the direction of your mission.

Stop second-guessing and doubting.


Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.

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Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist and then decided to do her own thing and gain freedom. She made it happen with real estate management and now shows others how to set up their own business and get those first few customers online