Every living thing has one thing in common with each other - insulin. Working both in and between living cells, it plays multiple central roles in both single-cell and multiple cell life. Insulin resistance results in high blood sugar. This is because the proper use of insulin is required for normal metablism, including the proper use of blood sugar. This is the current 'mainstream' definition of diabetes.

The balance of life is controlled by how many different chemical reactions are carried out. If they do not all occur well, high insulin and high blood sugar levels will result. If this balance is not 'ideal', other complex chemical reactions do not occur correctly either.

* Blocked blood vessels
*Triglycerides and cholesterol levels that are elevated. These blood fats are of various thicknesses, similar to different sorts of mud in the bottom of a stream.
* Severe Osteoporosis
* Blood flow severly restricted in the small vessels in hands and feet cause these areas to have sharp pains, called angina.
* Illnesses come easier and leave harder

All of these issues have a similar problem.

This insulin imbalance is common in these and other medical problems for many people. High insulin levels age a person prematurely as more metabolic work is performed. Three choices exist for the body to deal with high blood sugar - it can be used up, taken out of the body, or turned into fat.

It's typical to treat these symptoms, not the underlying cause. Some would say it's because of the profitablity of dealing with symptoms. It may be more because the symptoms are what is getting the attention. This trap can be avoided.

This is something not many people think about:

Something that is common in people that are over 100 years old, all over the world, have good levels of:

* The amount of glucose in the blood stream
* Triglycerides (blood fats)
* The amount of insulin in the blood

Excess nutrients are stored by insulin. High blood sugar levels cause the body to manufacture and release insulin. This is used to store the blood sugar until it can be transformed into body fat.

This excess sugar is stored by insulin as glycogen. Glycogen is transformed into saturated fat. This fat acts as ballast, slowing the entire system.

Insulin stores other nutrients and minerals as well:

* Magnesium - Muscles need this mineral to relax. Excess insulin absorbs it. More insulin is active as muscle fibers stiffen. On the celluar level, stiff muscle fibers cause blocks in circulation, constrictions in muscles, high blood pressure as more force is needed to circulate fluids, and lower avaliable energy levels.

* Sodium - high insulin levels cause sodium retention, fluid retention, and high blood pressure.

High insulin levels result in medical problems like:

* Circulatory and Heart Failure - Spikes in the release of insulin, such as after a high-carbohydrate, low-fiber meal, causes excitement in the automatically acting (sympathetic) nervous system, causing strain on the heart's nerves. A high carbohydrate meal may increase the chances of a heart attack 2 to 3 times, while a using 'safe fat' in meals reduces this risk.

* Blood Lipids (Cholesterol): Insulin resistance results in excess insulin which has been found to cause cells to mulitply. A common definition of cancer is cell division that is out of control. In addition, many other problems are caused, all adding up to premature aging.

In the end, the equation equals: The more insulin in the body, the faster the body ages.

An immediate step that can be taken to lower insulin levels is to change your diet. After that, exercising regularly provides many benefits in controlling insulin levels.

This news doesn't make many people comfortable. However, because your automatic systems can no longer regulate insulin properly, it's important to do it yourself. If you don't, you hasten a slow, painful, early death.

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Type 2 diabetes symptoms came to Russel Donohue in 1993. Since then, he has learned as much as he could about this sickness. The results of this research, including information about a effective type two diabetes diet is at http://www.escapediabetes.com. Also, you can go to Amazon for "Easy Steps to Escape Diabetes" and mail yourself a hard copy. Follow that link (or mail yourself a copy) to obtain your key to this information that is working for me and will for you.