Covid has forced schools around the world, to suspend physical classrooms and shift to online education. It has resulted in school closure in 190 countries, affecting 90% of students, almost 1.6 billion people globally.
In this situation, EdTech startups are helping schools and universities to adapt and evolve. The World Bank is working with ministries of education of several countries in support to utilize EdTech for students while schools are closed as a result of the pandemic.
Whether it is language apps, video conferencing tools, or online learning software, there has been a significant surge in EdTech usage since a couple of years. Last year EdTech already saw high growth and adoption in education technology, with global EdTech investments reaching 15.87 billion€ in 2019. The lockdown has increased the adoption of digital technology in education with global EdTech investment to grow by 15% in 2020.
Investments in the EdTech industry are growing and startups have been expanding globally, as the demand for high-quality online schooling is skyrocketing. The current pandemic not only demands the need to drive forward the digitalization of the education system but also clearly highlights the opportunity to replace the traditional and conventional education system.
While the world fights the outbreak, EdTech can expect significant growth as more people in the future will turn to digital education. International organizations like UNESCO also have their own list which certainly increases the reach of the EdTech platforms. The current pandemic has revolutionized the EdTech startups and it is growing exponentially which means that EdTech is here to stay and the way students learn will never be the same.
The EdTech industry is helping students with course materials, intelligent textbooks, engaging video content, slide shows, activities, and assessments. The vision is clear: it’s about evolving education in a way never seen before.
Assessing the need of the hour Insights Success has come up with its upcoming edition The 10 Most Disruptive Ed-Tech Solution Providers, 2020 featuring a New York based company - Cymorg Inc. A digital platform for assessing and developing organizational decision-making, using highly contextual gamified simulations, backed by behavioral analytics. Cymorg is built around a simple premise: people remember something they did and how it turned out, far better than they remember something they read or watched.
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