Taking everybody along while pursuing company goals is what makes for a cohesive and inclusive organization. But, is it as easy as it sounds? A company will have multiple individuals with different attitudes and points of view. Here are some ways to build an efficient team and take common goals forward.
Quantify success
In a world with growing numbers of remote workers it can be a challenge for a team leader to create cohesion among members. This is due to the fact that they might constitute a global workforce which never meets because of distance and time zone constraints. Usage of software such as PandaDoc or NetSuite helps in this regard. Each worker’s input can then be related to a number and this helps keep a measure of their contribution to a team effort. It also helps keep the flock together in pursuance of a common goal.
Focus on goals
It is imperative that each member of the team is aware of the ultimate goal that they are set to achieve. Often times, a workplace is a transient amalgam of people. In other words, a particular team might not consist of the same people it started off, with a few years down the line. What remains constant is the goal. As a team leader, one must make sure each new member is aware of this.
Adjust to changes
At times, the nature of the goal itself changes with time. The change maybe small in terms of scope but the route needs to be redefined in clear terms with the team. Making sure everyone is on board about new changes is the way to go. New situations demand new avenues and ideas. This is where the next step comes into the picture.
New goals need new roadmaps. Sometimes even pre-set goals would do well with new perspectives when one hits a roadblock. It is not possible for a team leader alone to come up with radical new ideas every time. Nor is it advisable to remain a single-man show. Consult with members of the team and let ideas pop up from everywhere. This not only provides innovative new inputs but also creates a feeling of inclusion and worthiness. This is imperative to build team spirit.
Visual Aids
‘Seeing is believing’, is an age-old adage. In this present context, it is better rephrased as ‘seeing is achieving’. It is scientifically proven that human beings respond positively to visual affirmation. This is more emphatically proved on the ground again and again by successful team leaders. Studies have shown that a team that is ‘shown’ its progress towards a goal becomes more driven to achieve it. Using charts, diagrams, and other visual reminders where team members can see them often helps achieve success.
It is wise to keep an open mind while using these pointers when working with a team. You will surely come up with more persuasive ways to achieve your goals along with a responsive and responsible team. After all, when the team goals align with the organizational goals, the road to success becomes better paved.
An inclusive organization pursues the company goals while taking the entire team along. In order to achieve common goals, efficient team building is necessary and for doing so, it is vital to adapt to changes, focus on goals, quantify success, brainstorm for new ideas, and utilize visual aids for better communication.

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Reshali Balasubramaniam
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