December is such a special month of the year - quality time with family, exchanging gifts, and sumptuous food all month long! Yes, the first two things are so lovely to have, but too much of the Christmas appetite would also mean that you have to put up some pounds also. To avoid doing that, you need to practice several things. And mind you, avoiding the much awaited Christmas foods is a very hard task to do, and that is why you need to read these tips we have provided.

The first tip is to start with your mind. Thinking about the foods that come with the Christmas season will only lead you to crave for more. However, it does not mean that you would not have to taste them at all. Start by inculcating moderation in your mind. That way, you would have a voice in your head that will tell you that even if the food you eat contains just a small amount of fat, you should still eat in moderation.

The next tip is to watch what you eat. The nutritional facts on the back of the things you eat will help you decide how much you will have of that food. The safe amount of calories to eat per day would be a thousand. Any food that will let you go over that in one seating should be avoided. You can also check out health books or the internet for low-calorie treats that could replace the usual Christmas food in your diet. That way, you would not have to skip the fun eating part but you can skip the dreaded weight gain part.

Lastly, never eat on a binge basis. You might think that you need to get a load of a certain food because you didn't eat any of it since the Christmas season started. That thought is enough to lead you to binge eating. What would happen is that you may make it a habit, and that habit is surely unhealthy. Whatever you eat, eat just a healthy amount. Do not reserve some for after dinner or for some time later. Binge eating will also lead you to crave for more of that certain food. If you ever find yourself struggling over whether or not to eat something, just remember to take a deep breath adn remind yourself that being healthy and feeling healthy and energetic is more important to you than the fleeting pleasure (a few seconds at the most) that binge eating will give you. It's about being conscious of your priorities. This removes the stress and struggle and allows your to enjoy eating in a healthy way.

Following these self-control tips will greatly aid you in maintaining your weight all throughout the holiday season. Also, if you want to keep the weighing scale results in a downward trend then continue your exercise at home by buying your personal fitness equipment and pair that with a healthy diet and you will surely keep the pounds off yourself. In conclusion, spending each Christmas healthily will let you experience more of it in the future.

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