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While talking about muscle gains, training, and weight gain, the question about the best skinny guy workout for muscle gain always comes up. However, ectomorphs or hard-gainers, in general, have a tendency to overtrain, not allow adequate recovery time, and not eat enough for the perfect body. This can be an endless source of frustration and confusion. Figuring out the best workout routine and lifestyle can be a little tricky with all the information available online and offline stating different ways.

Top skinny guys workout:

Barbell Squat

Ultimate Guide on How to Squat using Proper Form to Build Muscle

Support the barbell on top of the traps, and begin in the squat position with your chest up and head facing forward. Keep your feet hip-width distance apart and slowly descend by bending the knees. To ensure that the alignment with the feet remains the same, you have to keep your torso upright as much as possible. By keeping all the weight in front of the heel, you can continue all the way down. By driving the weight upward at the very moment when the upper legs come in contact with the lower legs in a motion which is reverse.

Dumbell Row

dumbbell row

While you are holding a kettlebell or a dumbbell in one hand, try to stand with staggering feet. Till the time it becomes parallel to the floor, try to bend your hips back to the lower portion of your torso and stay still. Following that, while keeping your shoulders to the level of the floor. While you are squeezing your shoulder blades together at the top, try to row the weight to your height of the hip. You can then complete your reps while completing both sides equally and simultaneously. This is one of the most effective workouts for skinny guys at home that does not require much equipment or body strength.

Barbell Bench Press - Medium Grip

Bench Press- The right way to perform it Explained -Bench Press

While lying on a flat bench and using a medium width grip, start to lift the bar from the rack, with your arms in a straight position. While your arms are straight over you, begin to breathe in slowly while coming down till the time the bar touches your middle chest. After pausing for a brief time, start to push the bar back into the beginning position as you continue to breathe out. When you are focusing on pushing off the bar while you're using your chest muscles. Moving on, squeeze your chest and lock your arms in a very contracting position while you are at the top of the motion. While you are holding on for a second, start coming down slowly again. Repeat the movement for the possible amount of repetitions, 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps optimum results.

Feet-Elevated Side Plank

While you're in the plank position, set your feet on a sturdy object like a bench or a weight box. In this position, your hips should stay in a straight line with your arm supporting you. Remain still for 60 seconds in this position. It is easy to execute since to can do it without equipment and from anywhere.

Chest Dips

chest dips

Considered the best workout for skinny guys, this exercise is one of the premiers in this league. In order to get started with dips, try to hold your body at arm's length, above the dip bars while your arms are fixed. While breathing in, bend your elbows out slightly at a 30° angle lowering your torso by leaning forward, you will feel a pull. When you feel the pull, bring your body back to the beginning position by using your chest while breathing out. While you are at the top of the movement, always remember to squeeze your chest for a moment. Hence you can repeat the movement in repetition as much as you desire.

Front Squat

front squat

Set the barbell on a power rack at shoulder height. Raise your elbows and grasp the bar at shoulder height with your upper arms parallel to the floor. Following this, take out the bar from the rack and rest it on your fingertips while you are able to balance the bar and keep your elbows forward. Set your feet and shoulder width and have your toes slightly turned, then descend into the squat position. While squatting, go to a 90-degree angle without arching on your lower back. This is one of the most loved workouts for skinny guys to build muscle.

Eat Clean and Eat Often

You can lift weights all day, every day, but it won't get you the muscle gain you want without the proper food intake. Try aiming for one gram of protein for every pound of your bodyweight. For instance, if your weight is 150 pounds, you must eat 150 grams of protein. You can also carb load on foods like rice, potatoes, oats along with sources of good fats like nuts, healthy oils, and seeds. Since you will be eating a lot more food than you are used to, make sure your calories count. Ensure the food you eat can be easily digested and used for building muscle and not fat.

Work smarter not harder

Stimulating your muscle growth takes planning and dedication. Instead of killing yourself at the gym make a schedule and choose the exercises and workout routines that will give you the best bang for your buck. If you are one of the types who love an intense hard workout, go for the HIIT sessions to mix up your lifting schedule.

Maintain a journal

Keeping a journal will enable you to measure your progress along with helping you to scale your goal. The prime focus should remain to increase strength along with muscle size allowing adequate recovery time. As your workout progresses you can add more reps or cycles and keep a log of your progress, and setbacks. Take that information to set goals for the next week. The muscle size will automatically follow once the strength makes way to your body.

Weigh yourself and take progress pics

Always weigh yourself to count your progress along with taking a photo. Consistently do this every week and make notes in your journal. The only way to see true progress is by keeping track.

So if you know that your skinny build is creating a  body image issue and you want to change the way you look, follow these workouts and tips religiously and don't make excuses. When you see your body transforming before your eyes, there will be no greater feeling of pride than that.

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