“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” – John C Maxwell

‘L’ for Leadership is not a position; it is not an authority, it is not power. Then what is leadership? It is a vision, a vision that aims at making a difference and creating a way to put that vision into action. No great leader is born. A great leader is made, over time.
Leadership is a result of tireless efforts towards the achievement of a goal. The goal that a leader sees is aimed at the betterment of the community and not just the self. If the goal were aimed at personal success, she would not be a leader, but an achiever. Some distinct qualities make a leader stand out from the rest. In this article, let us look at those qualities.

A Leader Has a Vision

A leader has a vision. A vision that is extraordinary. All great leaders are driven by the dream they have. The people who believe that they can change the world are the ones who do. When a leader has a vision, she creates a way to get that vision achieved and communicates her idea to the world.

And why do people believe in his vision? It is because there’s something unique about it. Unique in an appealing way. Something that is so compelling that everybody else just wants to follow the path shown by him. And that makes her what she is, a leader.

She has Self-Believes in Himself

A leader not only has great vision but strongly believes in it. She knows what she’s doing is right and that she will be successful in the end. It is this conviction with which she carries his dream forward that makes him different.

And his belief is contagious. It makes others trust him and support him in what he is doing. His trust in himself attracts followers towards him and makes him lead them.

His Goals Are Constructive

No leader ever dreams of destruction. A leader’s goals are always constructive, productive and positive. His ultimate aim is either the betterment of an organization, a solution to a serious issue or the progress of humanity in general.

Why would anybody look up to a person if all that he wanted to do was plant time bombs here and there and see people dying? People become followers of a leader because they know that his ambition is constructive and they want to be a part of it.

He Takes the Road Less Taken

With the extraordinary aim that he wishes to achieve, comes great risk. The risk of failure, the risk of breaking down halfway, the risk of letting his followers down, the risk of not being able to reach the finish line.

However, he is never afraid to take risks. He knows what lies beyond the risk. The reward. He believes in challenging the limitations and still moving ahead.

He Values His Team

One of the biggest traits of a leader is that he values his men more than anything else. He would not move a step ahead even if one of his followers isn’t ready. He is always there for his people, ready to listen to their problems, and give effective solutions to solve them.
A true leader always lifts the spirits of his people, inspires them to do good and believes in working as a team. A manager says, “Go.” A leader says, “Let’s go.” A leader works with his team and still stands out.

He is an Exceptional Orator

This is yet another quality that every leader possesses. He knows that words have power and uses the magic of words to motivate his followers. There is no power like oratory. Antony’s public speaking skills made Romans run for the revenge of Caesar’s death. All he did was convince people through his powerful speech.

A leader uses his power of speech to encourage, inspire and motivate his followers. When reaching the goal seems tougher, it is the stirring words that work wonders. Leaders can lift the spirits of their people by their oratory.

Many leaders even hire a motivational speaking coach to improve their oratory skills.

He Is Exemplary

What does a leader do as he moves in the direction of his goals? He leaves a trail of messages, and footprints of good deeds. Though a leader would never dream of it, he sets an example for people.

People aim to be like their leaders and achieve the extraordinary. The examples set be leaders are a legacy. People follow a leader’s footprints for years, decades and centuries. His vision, the path taken by him, the actions done by him and his belief that helps him achieve his goals is exemplary.


Leaders become powerful not because they do great things. They become powerful because they inspire others to do great things. People love their leaders not because they lead them towards better. They love them because they sit and work with them until they become better. A leader is someone ordinary who dares to do something extraordinary. And that’s how he stands out.

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Torsi is a professional blogger.