Fresh out of teenage years famed for rapid physical, mental and emotional changes called puberty and being a college student, men often experience a lot of changes going on around them. They will feel real stress for the first time, heartbroken, intimidated, careless or daring and adventurous. The “frivolous twenties” as it is called, is a decade full of experimentations, mistakes, successes and regrets that may extend to subsequent years.
On this journey, the 20-something-year-old body faces a lot of adverse, self-inflicted and sometimes avoidable ills. It is during this period that lifestyle-based diseases start, diabetes starts to knock, cholesterol starts to pile, and alcohol consumption and smoking begins. Indeed it can be a very critical period in a man’s life, whether mentally, financially, health-wise or spiritually.
If you are a man at your early, the middle or late 20s, here are what you should just do to remain healthy now and in the future.

Create a Workout Routine and Stick to it

According to Jordan Ponder of Transform Health, every man’s greatest concern in the 20s is juggling between a social life and exercising regularly. It is vital that you workout daily, whether it is at the gym, jogging every morning or swimming after work. It ensures that energy levels remain at the same pace with the metabolism.

Insist on having a long, heavy sleep

It isn’t a surprise that men in their 20s hardly sleep for the recommended 8-9 hours. Lack of sleep or not having enough sleep is a surefire way of being unhappy and unhealthy, stresses and suicidal, and easily irritable. Insomnia interferes with the mind’s ability to think rationally, and it can have long-term effects, both mentally and physically.

Engage in less risky stuff

Upon getting declared an adult and with the body bubbling with adrenaline, a man at his early 20s is often willing to do anything to prove that indeed he’s now an adult. Mostly, it is risky ventures like practicing alcohol and drugs, engaging in dangerous sexual escapades, driving at high speed, engaging in high-risk sports at home, or generally being violent. It is, typically, recommended that such an individual is advised on the importance of staying safe and going slow on unnecessary risks that will potentially harm and hurt them.

Start eating healthy foods

Watch what you eat on a regular basis so that the body has all the nutrients it requires for optimal working. A healthy and balanced diet will mean you work well, doesn’t fall sick and make important decisions about your health. Never go without breakfast and limit your alcohol intake.

Be mentally okay

Of all males in different age groups, it is those in their 20s who are the likeliest to die of mental-based disorders, including suicide, drug abuse, car accidents and other preventable harms. Their major issue is the failure to speak up when suffering mentally, often preferring to say “I’ll be alright.” And so, the best way to treat them is to enlist the services of a psychotherapist, keeping a close eye on their actions and helping them find a worthy mentor.

Let them know which alcohols are safe

Young men will always be daring and adventurous, ready to drink all types of liquor they see around. But as someone who understands that such an action can be hard to avoid, it is your responsibility to help them decide on the best, safe alcohol to drink. It shouldn’t be just alcohol; teach them about the ills of smoking, reliable ways of having fun, the best substances to increase libido and such stuff. Help that 20-year-old boy because if you don’t the damage caused by alcohol, including addiction can be virtually impossible to recover from later.

The Bottom-Line

In conclusion, it is during a man’s 20s that a man can chart his way. He can make-or-break his future in multiple ways. With life being unforgiving, it is, thus, the role of a parent and guardian who has seen it help advice accordingly. If you are at your 20s, master all these tips and pay attention to any changes happening within you. Don’t act too abnormal being it is just a stage of life, and it will soon come to pass!

Author's Bio: 

Laura Galet is a writer and psychologist from Florida, who is interested in a healthy lifestyle. In her free time she is writing a book "Health and Wellness after forties".