Design Human Engineering™ gives us the ability to do something more exquisitely, or to be able to learn something new. Simply put, it is a shortcut. DHE makes things easier and faster.

It is based on creativity and goes beyond problem solving and outcomes to setting direction. It is designed to be recursive in Continuous improvement for us humans. And is a whole new way of thinking...a Tesla way of thinking.

It is also based on the belief that whatever you are capable of now can be expanded more and more. You may find yourself doing Things that you never thought you could and doing them in Amazing ways you never thought possible. You are capable of experiencing even more good feelings than you are now enjoying. How much pleasure can you stand?

Using DHE™,you get amazing language skills auditory tune-up and create amazing tools and mechanisms in trance. It's important to pay attention to our language because it not only creates our reality, but influences everyone we speak to. DHE™, created By Dr. Richard Bandler is generative. It is designed to be recursive in continuous improvement for people as well as for The technology itself.

You learn to create the results you desire, whether it is to be more successful in business, relationships, more creative, Healthier, feel good for no particular reason or all of the Above. So Design Human Engineering™ is about excellence, Precision, and calibration and allows us humans to create new Strategies, skills and motivation to get the specific results You want.

Most of us have observed or experienced events we didn't think was Ever possible. Like thinking of someone and suddenly you get a call from them? I love making calls without a phone. Is magic, telepathy, psychic ability a possibility? At one time there were no cars, no airplanes, now look at how many There are. The mind is capable of unlimited creativity. In DHE™, we ask questions like, "What more is possible? What more? More!

In DHE™, we do design and install tools and devices inside our Minds. Dr Richard Bandler has said, "in deep trance you can do anything." So we use trance to create these magnificent resources.

It's not just about the tools, although designing a ruler, Electronic measuring device, magnifying glass, anti-aging machine device, or in my case a machine that eats up cancer cells (worked for me) could be valuable, couldn't it? And that's only the beginning. DHE Helps you to design and install the elements to propel yourself Into futures of excitement and opportunity. So, it's really about what's possible. Expand the field of possibilities.

You can learn to consciously control your unconscious processes. One example it to write down precisely, briefly what you want and ask your unconscious/other-than-conscious mind to assist you in creating your desire, ability etc. If you do this before you go to sleep at night, we have discovered it works extremely well. Why? because your unconscious focuses on your goal while you sleep.

Another way to control our unconscious processes is the control panel. Basically modalities are representational systems; Visual (sight), Auditory (sound), Kinesthetic (feelings),Gustatory (taste) and Olfactory (smell). It is through the modalities or 5 senses that we input process and out put data.

Sub modalities are the characteristics or qualities of the modalities. As Richard says, "they are the difference that makes the Difference or the bar code of human experience. For example, Visual sub modalities can be shape location, etc. Auditory can be volume, tone, etc. Kinesthetic can be pressure, location, etc.

The key is to be able to control or manipulate our sub modalities Across all modalities to be able to create a desired or valuable machine. So first, we begin with Kinesthetic (feelings) and move On to the other modalities. We have to operate each individually, Independently and manually. That means you move it on the panel Increase it and then decrease it, and then put it back to its Original position. So, you use actual physical movement on the Control panel. You move the controls.

Then you can move across sub modalities and create all kinds of combinations. You can create some supercalifragilisticexpialidocious machines,outrageous abilities, and awsome new feelings. Learn how to utilize your sub modalities in new ways. You get to choose and Have more conscious control over your unconscious processes.

Author's Bio: 

Barbara is one of a handful of International Design Human Engineering Master Trainers.She is also the oldest Master Trainer of NLP, DHE in the world. Barbara has trained many people on how to use DHE for themselves and helping others. As an author, consultant and coach, she has been coaching people for over 25 years.