Nothing says fitness like a solid abdomen. Whether it is a six-pack for swimsuits or just a flatter midsection, having a tight tummy is the goal of many fitness participants. However, training the core of your body, and not just the belly, can provide benefits much more far reaching than simply looking fit. When a body’s core- the abdomen, sides of the midsection, and lower back- are strong, the body not only looks great, but is more efficient, better athletically, and is more stable thus less prone to accidents.

The core is part of almost every movement we make. This conglomeration of complex muscles act as a stabilizer for when and how the body moves. However, it is not the initiator of movement. What this means is working the abs out, for example, in isolation is not as effective as working out the entire core. For example, sit ups are an isolated training exercise, but a functional movement that plank stars work all aspects of the core. Getting the core strong means less lower back injuries, more efficient force in dynamic workouts, and overall a better athlete, dancer, or better at daily activities like lifting heavy boxes. Having a strong core is not only great for working out, but just for better health in general, meaning less injuries in daily life. A Bronx personal trainer can also help achieve the dream core.

Though there are many different ways to train the core, one of the most efficient is Pilates. This specialty workout that involves a mat or a Reformer is a mix of the best parts of many workouts, including yoga and resistance training. Pilates can be achieved in a multitude of ways, including in the gym, with machines, or even at home. With the guidance of a Pilates instructor, you are taught a focus on form over repetition. In other words, it is more beneficial to do an action only a few times but precisely than many times and incorrectly. Having correct form means a more efficient workout that then also makes the body more powerful. As workouts continue, the core is strengthened, the body becomes more flexible, and muscles are leaner than ever before. There are many Pilates studios in the Bronx to choose from so the right fit will be easy to find.

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