What I have thought about recently is why some people only pay attention to their health when they are in a really bad way. It’s a bit like only taking a car for a service when the engine is close to exploding.

When something like this takes place, it is going to be clear that they have been neglecting their health for quite some time. Not only this, they won’t have been listening to the signs that their body has been sending them

Not Bad Enough

There are going to be others who won’t do anything about their health, even though it is clear that they are not in a good way. They will simply carry on as normal; acting as though there is not a problem.

When either this or the above takes place, it can be hard to understand why someone would have ended up like this. If someone just carries on with their life and doesn’t try to change anything, their friends and family can experience a lot of pain.

A Few Options

These people can offer their support and even give them advice on what they can do, but it will only go so far if this person is not interested in what they have to say. Many years ago, I used to speak to my mother and father about what they could do to improve their health and wellbeing, yet it didn’t have much of an effect.

Fortunately, my father was open to having healing, and doing so made his final years on this planet less painful. One of the problems was that I was their son, which meant that what I had to say didn’t carry as much weight as it would have done if it came from an authority figure, such as a doctor.

What’s going on?

When it comes to why someone would only care about their health when they are in a bad way, I think there are number factors involved. And these factors are also going to be involved if someone doesn’t change anything when they end up in this position.

Firstly, someone like this doesn’t have a good connection with their body; if they did, they would have been giving it what it needed over the years. Secondly, the reason they are out of touch with their body could be because it is too painful for them to be in their body.

A Big Problem

Being in there is then going to be too much for them to handle, which is why they primarily live in their head. The trouble with this is that through being out of touch with their body, it would have stopped them from being aware of what their body needed.

Their mind have have caused them to believe that everything was fine, while their body would have been in desperate need of attention. In the short-term, they would have been able to live in denial, but as time passed, they would have no longer have been able to avoid reality.


At some point in their life, something may have happened that caused them to be overwhelmed with pain. Alternatively, they may have had a number of experiences that had this effect on them.

In addition to the pain that this caused them, they may have ended up feeling completely helpless and worthless. What may have happened is that through feeling helpless and worthless, they might no longer want to be alive.

The Death Instinct

So, instead of ending their life at this point in time, it will be as though they have opted to experience a slow and painful death. This is not to say they are consciously aware of this, but it could be what is going on deep down.

If they felt comfortable in their body, valued themselves and didn’t feel helpless and therefore, wanted to be alive, they would have probably taken care of their own health. And if someone doesn’t do anything even after it has been pointed out that they are in a bad way, they may have lost the will to live and be only too happy for their life to end.

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