First-aid training for personal trainers

Thinking about becoming a personal trainer? There is much more to it than learning how to lift heavy weights and the difference between HIIT and a good circuit. No matter why you are entering the world of personal training, you need to also learn basic First Aid.

Importance of First-Aid Training for Personal Trainers

In Charge of a Client’s Health

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First and foremost, as a Personal trainer (PT) you are in charge of a client’s health. You need to make sure that your workouts are pushing them to their limits without damaging their health overall. Just as there will always be someone who doesn’t think they can lift a heavy weight, there will also be people who think they can lift much heavier than they actually can. You need to know how to recognize the best for each client, in addition to what their current plan says.

Many clients try to hide how they might feel from their PTs during a session. Instead of admitting that they feel a bit faint, they try to hide it and push on. This can result in them failing their reps, fainting, or even hurting themselves in worse ways. You need to make sure that you know how to spot small tells in a client’s behavior if they are feeling this way.

Know What to Do in an Emergency

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So, you have a client who has hidden some
sort of health issue from you. If this health issue becomes a problem during a
session, you need to make sure that you know how to react during an emergency
so you can be certain that you can do everything in your power to help.

Most PT training courses include some form
of First-Aid training but you might want to take it a step further. Most gyms
nowadays carry an automated external defibrillator. Learning how to use this AED machine is vital and using it could
mean all the difference in saving someone’s life.

Benefits More Than Your Clients

Learning to use equipment like an AED
device can have more benefits than for just your own clients. If you are also
employed by a gym, you need to know first-aid so you can come to the aid of a
customer if need be. You are responsible for more than just your clients and
the gym can be a
high-risk place
. Customers need to know that there will be someone there
who can help them in an emergency.

These skills could also come in handy at any random moment. You never know when you might be enjoying an afternoon out or dinner with your family when a stranger requires first-aid. If you are able to administer it, it might be some key treatment the affected person receives and it could be crucial in those minutes before the first responders get there.

There is no avoiding the importance of first-aid training for personal trainers. If you are a PT then there is no excuse; you need to learn first aid for the benefit of your clients and those around you. Look into courses to bring your skills and knowledge up to scratch now.

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