Who is in charge of my life?
If I was in charge, would I not achieve
at least those things that are attainable through effort?

It's one thing to give away to destiny and unknown forces,
those things where other forces have say,
but what about those things that simply require effort?

Is it not, simply, a decision?
When no other forces have say, is it not simply your say that has power?
You're the only one who can make it happen, or not.

So, how do we take that available power,
and at least choose to turn those things that are in our power,
into our reality?

The distinction between choice and decision,
is the one that fuels
the distinction between plan and program.

The choice is the plan, the decision is the program.
The choice is the dream. The decision is the action.

Choosing implies opening a door and seeing what happens.
Deciding implies giving something up and receiving
something in return.

With a choice comes possibility.
With a decision comes commitment.

There are two ways to live.
Avoiding decisions, or embracing them.
A decision has no power until it is embraced with integrity.

If we can decide something one day,
and the next day we can undecide what we decided,
we have no power in our life,
we have no power to choose our path.

For choice to flourish, decision must flow through.


Author's Bio: 

Danish Ahmed is turning heads in the personal-growth movement by bringing the education of the industry down-to-Earth -- by teaching from popular culture, like television, movies, music, and other current-day media. Learn about Danish Ahmed at http://www.ordinarywords.com. Steve Rogers is the Chief Coach at Ordinary Words Inc.