You're on your way to a week of sales calls. On the plane you sit next to a lady with a large mouth (talks a lot), full lips (generous, sensuous), and has large sparkling eyes (emotional, moody). Do you want to start a conversation (she will do
all the talking–about her family), rest or work?

After getting settled in your hotel room, you want to go out to dinner. Where do you find the best restaurant? Just ask someone with a round face and body, that person should know. After dinner you decide to walk back and get lost. Who do you
ask directions from? Ask a person with a turned up nose (helpful).

The following morning on your first call, you are talking to Fred, a customer, who has eyes that are close togeth (impatient), slanting down (critical), with no visible eyelids (analytical).

His short bushy eyebrows (detail concerned). His small mouth has thin lips (brief, concise). His forehead slants way back. (quick thinker). Be prepared and get to the point quickly. Provide every little detail about your products. He is very hard to please.

SUGGESTION: "Fred. Let me show you exactly how these new pocket folders work. They are made of very durable pound cardboard. I also have charts to compare prices. I am willing to take a complete inventory to see what you are using and what you need."

On the following call, Donna, the secretary, has a square face (direct & frank), small eyes and mouth (hides emotions, cautious). Her ears stick out (possessive). How do you get passed her. Be very careful and tactful.

SUGGESTION: "Miss. I have an appointment with Mr. Eaton. I only need a few minutes to show him my new line of folders. Yes. Thank you. Would you look after my briefcase of extra samples?"

On the next call, Sara is your potential customer. She has low placed eyebrows (informal, easygoing), wide between the brows (tolerant), and the biggest dimples you ever saw(affectionate/passionate). She is emotional. Talk to her about her family, relax, take her to lunch, tell jokes, and you have
her sold. You notice a picture of her children on her desk.

SUGGESTION: Hi, Sara. That's a darling picture of your kids. How old are they?" "Oh, you're about to go to lunch? I would be happy to take you. I'd love to hear about Jill and Bobby. Did you hear the funny story—"

On your last call of the day, you talk with John Peters, a young man with high place eyebrows (formal), a short groove under his nose (vain). His large nose has a wide tip (curious). He has
dark blue eyes (moody, sensitive). Use good manners and protocol with him. Compliment his appearance. He will have a lot of questions for you. Be careful of his moods. Ask for the
sale when he's in a good mood.

SUGGESTION: Offer your hand to John. "Good afternoon, Mr. Peters. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is_____, from Hanson Wholesale Office Supply. I will answer all your questions. That blue suit really looks nice on you. I'm looking for something similar. I see you've ordered a thousand envelopes on previous orders. I'll order the same for you again, all right?"

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