Building a career in this competitive job market is always a tricky task for aspirants. They need something special to stand out & outshine others. It can be a skill or knowledge or extra qualification besides the usual academic credentials. In a nutshell, being a graduate is not sufficient.

Why not learn German language? The popular language is prominently spoken across different continents with millions of speakers worldwide. Such is their love & fascination, that they've undertaken a German Language Course in Kolkata.

It's needless to say that besides personal pleasures & hobbies, learning a language like German bring immense career opportunities & progress. Most of the times, people learn it to attract the recruiters and get a competitive edge over others.

Over the years, nothing has fetched more jobs than foreign languages. That's the reason more & more training institutes are providing courses in French, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, German & more.

There are many careers which require fluency in German language with suitable use of accent, vocabulary, & syntax. With adequate training in the language, aspirants can opt for various openings in the corporate sector such as translators, customer care executives, linguistic trainers, correspondents, interpreters, flight attendants, international sales executives, tour guides, liaison officers, foreign diplomacy etc. A proficiency in the language can come by pursuing a German Language Course in Kolkata where professional trainers will guide the learners in the best possible way. Apart from that regular practice & handwork are also necessary.

Why the course will be beneficial for strengthening the CV?

These days' companies are looking to hire those candidates who have knowledge of two or more languages apart from English. German language is popular worldwide as well as in corporate sectors with a dynamic multicultural working environment. From interacting with the foreign clients over phones to greeting them in meetings, to explaining them company's products & services, to sealing the deal for bilateral investment, everything requires fluency in German conversation skills. To make sure all the tasks are executed properly, one must deal with the clients with courtesy, etiquette, and excellent communication skills.

Whether it is media or hospitality, tourism or aviation, import & export to outsourcing, German language is everywhere. No one can deny that due to globalization, its demand has increased by leaps & bounds.

It is both the verbal & non-verbal skills that are in demand. The verbal skills are ideal for jobs like customer care executives, liaison officers, flight attendants, tourist guides, etc.

The non-verbal skills are perfect for jobs like translators & interpreters, content writers, proof readers, correspondents & non-voice processes.

It is the hospitality & aviation sector that recruits German learners the most. They hire competent candidates throughout the year with skills in German language. They offer them great remuneration & perks to thrive in the positions & extract the maximum from them.

Enroll in a German language course in Kolkata at IITT Language Academy & get guided & trained by professional instructors. Hone your skills, broaden your horizon, delve deep and expand your knowledge on German grammar, vocabulary, accent, morphology, phonetics, and diction with instructions, lectures, learning materials and workshops. Get feedback from them & convert your weaknesses into strengths & discover the best secrets to succeed in a few months. Candidates can choose from online, regular, and distance mode of training and get guaranteed campus recruitment & placement assistance in top companies at the end of the course. IITT Language Academy also offer basic, diploma, and advanced diploma courses in Italian, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Greek, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Romanian, Arabic, Thai, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Afrikaans, and other foreign languages. Hurry, join us now for excellence in learning and build an excellent career with fluency in German language.

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