For quite some time now, a lot has been said in the mainstream media about ‘hate’ and what needs to be done about it. There have also been a number of different things that have taken place to try to deal with it.

Along with what is said by this source and the government, there is what individuals are doing to try to make a difference. Thanks to social media, it is far easier than ever before for an individual to mark a difference.

More Than Needs the Eye

At the same time, it wouldn’t be accurate to say that the mainstream media is simply reporting on what is taking place and has no ulterior motive, or that there are not people in the world who wouldn’t make just about anything up just to receive attention. This source routinely makes things up and does what it can to gain people’s attention and to create division.

When it comes to someone who would lie about being the victim of hate, there can be a variety of reasons as to why this would take place. What it can show is that a big part of them wants to be seen and heard and they may even have a personality disorder.

Back To the Individual

With that aside, when someone wants to do something about this, they can use social media and there are a number of other things that they can do. They can join a movement and take part in demonstrations.

If they enjoy writing, they could write articles and, if they like talking, they could make videos. This will be a fairly effortless way for them to get their message out there and to do something about what is going on.

Another Thing

In addition to doing the ‘right’ things, they could also make sure that they are coming from the right place. This will relate to the being part, as what is taking place inside them is just as important as the actions that they take.

In fact, it could be said that where they are at internally is far more important than the actions that they take. The reason for this is that they are not separate from anyone or anything, so what is taking place inside them is always affecting their life and the planet as a whole.

Cast Aside

However, if they are strongly attached to their ego-mind – the part of them that creates the illusion of separation, amongst other things – they won’t be aware of it. As a result, the only thing that will matter will be what they say and do, not where they are at internally and, thus, what they are energetically resonating.

They will be separate from everyone and everything, which is why what is going on inside them will be totally irrelevant. To make a difference, it will be all about doing the right thing; being in the right place won’t cross their mind.

The Lines Have Been Blurred

If they didn’t have a lot going on emotionally before they started on their crusade, they may have a lot going on emotionally now that time has passed. Due to what they have been exposed to, they may often experience rage and even hate.

In the beginning, they would have wanted to do something about the hate that was in the world and now, they will have become another source of hate. This was a consequence that Friedrich Nietzsche was only too aware of when he said, “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

Hidden In Plain Sight

At this point, they might be able to see they have become an example of the very thing that they wanted to do something about. This will give them the chance to do something about it and to get back on track.

Alternatively, through having a number of defences in place and being around people who are the same, they might not be able to see what has taken place. If they can’t acknowledge this, they could end up rationalising what they say and do, and make out that it is the ‘right thing’ to do.

An Eye for an Eye

One will then be fighting fire with fire, and they will be adding more drama to a world that is already full of drama. This will show that they have either completely lost touch with the values that they had in the beginning or that they were simply deceiving themselves and others from the start.

If it relates to the latter, it could show that they are carrying a lot of deep emotional wounds and that the reason they wanted to do something about the hate in the world was that they unknowingly wanted to experience indirect revenge for what was done to them. Perhaps they were regularly violated as a child and, as they haven’t dealt with these emotional wounds, they are unconsciously drawn to circumstances, situations and events that will allow them to replay their early traumas all over again.

The Same Level of Consciousness

One can then say and do all of the right things, but at an emotional level, they will have a lot in common with those that are hateful. For them to truly make a difference, it will be essential for them to deal with their own baggage as this will stop them from feeding into the very reality that they are trying to change.

Through doing this and becoming an example of the change that they want to see in the world, they will help to create a different reality; a reality where it is normal for people to treat others with love and respect their boundaries. Undoubtedly, it is not easy for someone to go within and to face themselves, but it is likely to be far more effective than trying to fight hate with more hate.

Final Thoughts

Further, what is resisted is what will persist and grow, so the very act of fighting something ‘out there’ will help to sustain it. And as nature abhors a vacuum, it makes far more sense to focus on what is wanted and then what is wanted will replace what is not.

The key point here is that human beings are not separate from anyone or anything, and this is why individual change is so important. When someone deals with their own stuff and changes themselves, they will change their own consciousness and through changing their own, they will change the collective consciousness.

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