The high level of stress can make a person to use drugs or substance. Substance use reduces anxiety, increases pleasure and offers a distraction or escape from difficult emotions. Young brains are not developed fully and are at a greater risk of developing stress disorders due to trauma and substance abuse early in life.

Drugs and alcohol can offer respite from stress symptoms for a shorter period of time and help to get rid of painful memories linked with trauma. As the effect of drugs weakens, the levels of stress get worse. Taking drugs interfere with the decision-making skills and increases risk- taking behavior, placing youth at an increased risk of accident, the victim of violence or crime and undergoing trauma.

When substance abuse or addiction occur, it is essential to go for substance abuse treatment. Involving family in the therapy is important. Treating the emerging adults without the involvement of the family can limit the effectiveness of treatment as it does not identify family as a potential system of support for change and overlook the effect of substance use disorder on the family leaving them untreated. The belief and attitude that family members have are important as these influences the young adults who try to get clean and influence the efficacy of treatment methods.

Clinical study establishing a link between PTSD, family and substance abuse in young adults

Emerging from childhood into adulthood is an evolving period spanning from 18 to 25 years and is demonstrated with high degree of co-occurring posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and substance abuse. This comorbidity can result in functional impairment that can be observed especially in high school dropouts. The scientists conducted a clinical study to examine the family environment as a moderator amongst these signs. The study was conducted in a sample of 99 high school dropouts or emerging adults between the age group of 16 to 21 years, and were culturally diverse.

The facts and figures were collected through interviews and questionnaires. The subjects were evaluated for exposure to symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic events, family environment and substance use. The data was analyzed through correlation and hierarchical regression. It was found that substance abuse and PTSD symptom were positively associated. Moreover, the characteristics of family environment were found to moderate the relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder and substance abuse and symptoms.

Seek help from a substance abuse treatment in Georgia

Recovering from substance abuse demands support from behavioral professionals and family members. Many young adults battling substance use disorder are reluctant to seek treatment. They must seek the help of trained professionals for developing coping techniques to overcome their fears. There are many treatment modalities for substance abuse

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