Emotional intelligence is essentially the ability of an individual to identify and control one's emotional state while bearing in mind the emotional states of people around. Awareness is a key concept in emotional intelligence or emotional quotient as it is commonly referred to as. It has been linked to several performance and success related parameters including the likes of business performance, increased sales, leadership management and so on. Studies suggest that 90% of the top performers in an organization are those with a higher emotional quotient when compared to their counterparts.

Key Skills of Emotional Intelligence

The key skills that Emotional intelligence training courses focus on are as follows:

Personal Awareness - This is subject to be aware of the manner in which one's emotions manifest in a given situation. Restricting emotions from portraying what one feels plays a vital role in determining the outcome of a situation.

Social Awareness - Social awareness delves into perceiving how people around are able to handle their emotions. A person who has control over his/her emotions is more likely to identify someone who doesn't.

Personal Management - Channelizing the expression of one's emotions so as to portray them in a positive manner is what personal management entails.

Relationship Management - The ability to use the awareness and emotions of others so as to develop and maintain relationships which are key when it comes to working with clients, vendors or customers.

It is easy to get started with Emotional intelligence training courses as the organization is spared of big travel and training costs. EQ training leads to an increase in efficiency and productivity amongst workers.

The effect of Emotional Intelligence Training on Business Performance

Friendly Workplace
EQ is helpful in boosting the morale of staff at the workplace. A workplace that is buzzing with staff who get along with each other collectively contribute towards the organization goals on the whole.

Better Teamwork
Employees are more likely to perform well in a team when they have higher emotional intelligence. People with a higher EQ have better communication skills and are better at projecting ideas, at the same time receptive towards others ideas as well. Also, trust and respect amongst co-workers are underway.

Enhancements are Made Easy
Lack of change causes a business to stagnate. Change is opposed by most people which makes it difficult for an organization to introduce a change in the workplace. People with a higher EQ are more accepting towards changes and will take on the said changes with arms wide open which is exactly what every business crave for.

Time Management
It has been proven that people with a higher EQ are better at managing their time when compared to those with a lower EQ. Meeting deadlines are prime to any business which means that at some point in time there is a certain amount of stress laid on employees to meet deadlines. This is made easy with the addition of emotionally intelligent people who can motivate themselves and those around them to manage time efficiently so as to meet the speculated deadline.

Stronger soft skills with an ability to understand and perceive situations inevitably contribute towards progressing a business further which is why Emotional Intelligence must be enforced at the work front.

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