The whole face is a first part of attraction if look at by others. Of course the lips also play the vital role in making your appearance in a well looks. As we have to keep each and every thing in its right manner to take in use for the long runs. In the same way lips also needs daily care to look healthy and appealing all the time. There are lot of ways through which we can maintain our lips in all time beautiful looks and health.
1. Drink up to 8-10 glasses of plain water to retrieve your lips thirst free or dry free for maximum times specially in summers.
2. Exfoliate your lips every couple of days. To exfoliate your lips just by rubbing sugar on themgenteelly. Sugar leaves your lips feeling sweet. Dab your finger in Luke warm water, then dip your finger in sugar and rub on your lips. Smack your lips together and sponge the extra sugar off.
3. Use Vaseline or Nivea soft lips gels and creams to retain your lips skin in the good conditions.
4. Use SPF 15 lip balm in the summer and winter use SPF 20+. Always carry on good lip balm in your purse or pocket. And whenever you feel some dryness apply this on your lips instantly.
5. To accomplish every task in its best, we need hard work and patience, and then only we can get the good results. Apply a good lip balm or Vaseline in the night before go to bed. Gently brush your teeth, clean tongue and lips in the night after the dinner. Dry it and put the creamy and oily base products on lips.

Oxford Companion to the Body says about ‘Menarche’
When menstruationhappens at puberty times is known as ‘Menarche’. 95% of girls reach menarche between 11 to 15 years of age. Ovulation may occur at the time of menarche but usually this does not happen for several months or even up to 2 years later. Thus the first few menstrual cycles are often non ovulatory and hence infertile.

Research has also focused on the bad effect of childhood stress on timing of puberty in females. Stress is a vague term ranging from family tensions or some other with threat to physical survival. The more horrible social conditions have been found to be associated with delay of development, an effect that may be compounded by dietary insufficiency.

Almonds are the richest source of vitamin E, proteins, copper, iron, phosphorus and vitamin B1. The bitter variety of almond is containing the prussic acid. This quality of almond is widely using in making of almond hair oils, perfumes, soaps, cosmetics etc.

Benefits of eating almonds are as follows:
1. Soak almonds directly in the water for over night and next morning peel it and make a paste of it and use with milk or bread or in any food item can be the rich source of an easily digestive protein. The old age people can take it and fulfill the needs of protein requirements in their body.
2. Almonds helps in increasing the new blood cells which can maintain the good functions of brain, nervous system , bones, heart and liver.
3. Many varieties of almonds are using in the preparations of many Unani and Ayurveda medicines.
4. Paste of almonds with milk cream and fresh rose bud's paste when applied daily over the face is a very effective beauty aid. Its regular application prevents early appearance of wrinkles, black heads, dryness of the skin, pimples and keeps the face fresh.
5. A teaspoonful of almond oil mixed with a teaspoonful of amla juice, massaged over scalp, is a valuable remedy for falling hair, thinness of hair, dandruff and premature graying of hair.
6. Almonds should mostly be used with bulky vegetables and fruits like raw turnips, lettuce, cucumbers and apple so it can be easily consumed with the fruits items.
7. In the condition of Anemia using Almonds contains copper in an organic form at the rate of 1.15 mg. per 100 grams. The copper along with iron and vitamins acts as a catalyst -in the synthesis of blood hemoglobin.
8. Those who stiffer from weak stomach or constipation problem can take seven grams of almond oil with hot milk and in the morning hours. You will feel the clear motion.
9. A teaspoonful of the almond oil when mixed with 10 drops each of fresh white onion juice and ginger juice, and consume daily thrice for a fortnight, is useful in whooping cough, bronchitis and asthma.
10. You can use the almond paste in preparation of many vegetable curry and sweet deserts that enhances the flavor of the recipe as well as the nutritional values too.

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