How To Get Your Husband Back From His Mistress: How To Get Your Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Your husband is treating you not as good as before and you found out the worst truth about him, he cheated on you. You felt angry, sad and disappointed. "How can he do that to me when I still love him deeply?" You thought of divorcing him, but on the other hand you want this marriage to work out. How to get your husband back from that mistress?

Do not show out your desperation

If you want to get your husband back from that mistress, you should NOT do all the wrong things like crying, begging or even acting crazy to force him back to your side. You are going to give additional advantages to the mistress when you do all these, this will only make your husband turn to his mistress more often and this will give that woman a chance to show greater attention on him.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Bring back the excitement and attraction

Why did he find another woman? Think about it carefully. Probably the mistress is giving him few things that he doesn't get it from you or at home. She makes your husband feel that he is manly, attractive, loved and respected. Sometimes when a marriage reaches a stage, both parties will not bother to do anything for each other and in the end, it becomes boring. Do something to make yourself attractive again such as dolling up more stylish and sexy. You know him the best about what he needs, so plan something he misses very much and bring him back to the dating stage.

Understand the real reasons for cheating on you

Find out the facts that he cheated on you. A married man will not cheat his wife suddenly unless he is not serious about this marriage. If he is not serious about this marriage, he will not marry you in the first place. It may not always be the case that the other woman in his life is prettier or younger, sometimes it may be appreciation, romance, respect, communication that he wants.

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When your marriage is not so smooth sailing, there will be warning signs to tell you about the problems. What are the signs of failing marriage?

-Bad communication
Frequent arguments will definitely lead to big fights and because of the bad communication, some couples will avoid talking to each other.

-Deteriorating or no sex
Sex is important to married couples because this will keep them as husband and wife. If you are facing difficulties to get close with your spouse, more problems will come by.

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-Not enough care and concern
If your husband or wife is not giving you enough care and concern, the feeling for each other will slowly fade away and the closeness will not be as strong as before. You begin to feel that you don't understand your spouse well too.

Nobody can stand affairs in their marriage. If one party is suspicious of having an affair, the trust will also be lost.

When you see warning signs of failing marriage, you should quickly do something to bring your marriage back to the right track and what should you do when your marriage is failing?

When you want to save your marriage, you have to learn how to solve the problems in a very calm and rational way. Showing out your emotions at this point of time will probably push your spouse further away from you. Think about the problems carefully and start listing out the possible ways to fix the situation.

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CELIBACY is not how most roll, but it truly is a gift - to happily live the single life. Again, it's not a gift if it's not intrinsically our thing. Gifts that God gives require no effort on our behalf to be added to them. And life could be purposed in the knowledge, acquisition and acceptance of the gifts we are given (and we all are given gifts from the Lord.)

Why so much talk of gifts in an article about marriage? Well, it's actually the topic "celibacy" that's important - to launch from. Biblically, God gave us marriage for one main reason; we are alone otherwise. If we have the gift of celibacy we are happily alone. But with marriage we have partnered with someone we can love, and together we meet each other's loneliness needs - or that's the theory; a less than perfect theory.

Researching same-sex marriage taught me one thing about marriage - it's a troubled institution, and anyone who disagrees is either lying or they have been gifted (them and their partner) with something all married couples should know about.

What these people and couples have going for them is this:

1) they are willing to fight for their marriage;

2) they are willing to fight fairly with each other; and,

3) they are willing to fight with a never-say-die attitude in the midst of horrible loss.

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At times, couples are called to fight these three ways simultaneously!

And such a way of fighting - passionately, persuasively, but inherently together - there is a wonderful legacy: a couple suchlike will be a model couple.

We might argue that a couple who will not fight in these ways has no right to be married at all; that the single life is what calls them. But horrible it is when we are content with neither life.

Notwithstanding, the best marriages are made of fighters.

(This has nothing to do with those odious husbands who beat their wives - that's not fighting, for fighting requires two evenly pitched protagonists.)

If we are married and we are passionate about our marriage - in our own way, for some passion is born in grounded and less felt ways - and we fight fairly, and we are prepared to fight through loss, our marriage has everything.

Again, marriage has everything when we fight for the marriage, when we fight fairly, and when we fight through loss into healing.

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Love is the cause of creation of life. Two persons become one, two souls merge because of love and this brings forth happiness in the mind. Life is meant to be shared. What happiness will we have if we live in an island of our own? It is only when we connect with people that we feel at home.

Home is where the heart is. Married persons or those involved in a relationship should never make the following mistakes if they want to be happy forever with their partners.

They are:

1. Taking partners for granted and not giving them full attention- don't make the mistake of ignoring partner once settled because marriage is like a tender sapling which needs utmost care and protection till it has reached a certain maturity level.

2. Flirting-even if your partner is magnanimous and open hearted, their heart will pain if you give more than necessary attention to unwanted people. Try to avoid flirting if you really love your partner.

3. Arguing- nobody till date has ever won an argument properly. Even if self declaring to be the winner, the other person will have grudges against you, so never argue with your partner. It will only pull you apart. If you want your partner to accept your view, try to speak kindly and encourage him or her to clarify his point of view, slowly he or she will accept yours and both of you can come to a consensus.

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4. Give up exorbitant desires- try to live with what you have, give up irrational desires and be satisfied and content with what God has given you. Try not to look up, but compare your life with those who are less lucky than you and you will realize that you are better off. Excessive desires make you hungry for more and less patient leaving you stressed and unhappy. This could affect your marriage.

5. Not spending time together more- most people spend their time in other pursuits like social networking etc. ignoring their near and dear. While society is a must it does not mean that one should be addicted to it day and night.

6. Addictions- The partners should always be on the lookout for snares like addiction. Do not let your partner be controlled by any form of addiction because you may lose your position in his or her heart, let not that happen. Be brave to oppose this trait. Prevention is better than cure.

There are so many more points to be chewed and followed if you want to make your marriage work. Love unconditionally and that is the secret of a real marriage. In my married life I have gone through many rough times and there were days when I was left in tears most of the time. Only patience and support from God and my mother has helped me through.

Love for love's sake,
Do stop to think before making a mistake
Life is to be enjoyed, so smile
Does not cost, will take you miles
Have a pure heart
It will give a head start
Express your love often
Will increase your married life by multiples of ten.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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