Just Found Out My Husband Cheated On Me: What Should I Do If My Husband Cheated On Me

The impact of discovering infidelity can be quite hurtful and angry. Most of the women cannot believe the fact when a husband cheats. You probably have been wanting to go up to your husband and give him one tight slap on his face, telling him that this is end of the marriage. However, you also hesitated because you are also afraid of losing him too. What to do when a husband cheats?

- Understand why he cheated on you

The problem will not go away if you choose to keep quiet and pretend nothing had happened. Choose to find a right time and place to ask your husband why he cheated. Have this discussion privately, a place where nobody can hear or interfere. Keep your emotions under control and be sure that you do not start crying or throwing your temper when you are discussing the problems. If he sees you acting so rational, he may choose to tell you the whole truth instead of defending himself.

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- Never show out your neediness

If you are working towards winning back your husband, never show out any of your neediness. It is totally normal to feel that you will not feel happy without him but the truth is you will not die without your husband. You have to make sure that you are feeling very okay with yourself so that you will be able to plan better in saving this marriage.

- Analyze and solve

Analyze the causes that made your husband to cheat. Come out with a proper plan that you would like to improve this marriage. Continue to observe your husband's activities and movement. If he is sincere to repair this marriage, he will abide and compromise with you.

- Rebuild the trust

You may have already lost trust in him and it is important to rebuild the trust back to the marriage. A marriage will not work well if the trust is not strong. Learn how to communicate with him effectively and do more things together as this will help to create a stronger bonding.

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It depends. This question is very controversial and there is no definite answer for it. Every case of infidelity differs from one another in different aspects and there are many other factors to consider in determining if a relationship can survive infidelity.

At some point in time, the faithfulness of a married couple with each other is will be tested. There will come a time when temptation will be very hard to resist and one will eventually give in. It is not something new when we hear about a very loving couple got separated or is having a serious fight because of cheating.

There are many reasons why people cheat. Some do it because they are not happy with their marriage or that they feel the intimacy and love is no longer there. Others do it for comfort or just for the thrill of it. Relationship experts say that the most common reason of cheating is emotional rather that physical.

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To answer this very intriguing question "can a relationship survive infidelity?", let us take a look at this quiz that would determine the outcome:

History of the Cheating Spouse

If the cheating spouse is habitually engaged in cheating or has a high chance of committing it again, then it is most likely that the relationship will end. There are some people who find cheating as an addiction and they find it very exciting.

Who Cheated

If it is the wife who cheated, then the relationship might not survive. But if it is the husband who cheated, there is still a very big possibility that the issue will be resolved. The rationale behind this is that men have very big egos that they can't stand their wife cheating. Women on the other hand are more forgiving and they are also afraid that they might grow old alone that they will tolerate to a certain degree some of the things their husband does.

Reason for Cheating

If the reason for cheating is very serious and it has caused a lot of damage in the marriage, then relationship would not survive infidelity. But if the incident of cheating was not really done intentionally, then there is still chance of keeping the marriage.

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A marriage is a commitment made by two people before God. It is not a game to be played. Both the persons involved should not play the Tom and Jerry game. Serious issues like finance, children, housing, social rejection, and time schedule etc; are involved.

Partners in a marriage must be intertwined and dependent in every way. Immaturity must give way to serious contemplation of aims and goals in life. A person who is serious about his life and very organized will never make the mistake of divorcing for silly reasons.

Spouses must obey the set of rules ordained by society for marriage. Partners in a marriage will feel comfortable in their life with their spouse if rules like commitment, love, truth, dedication, devotion, honesty etc; are followed. A marriage will have only minimal or no problems in such cases. Everyone must follow these rules to have a good relationship with their partner.

People must focus on their plus points and develop on them. When a man is self-confident about his abilities he will give others the impression that he is the best. Gradually the partner will accept you as the best partner.

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Failures must be the stepping stones to success. If you are rebuked or rejected often, do not lose faith or hope. Trying again can make you win the game. Nobody is perfect, so do not consider yourself as unworthy or below standard. Stand up to yourself and express yourself with confidence. If you are confident, nobody can stop you from having a good life.

Truth can sometimes hurt. Mistakes when pointed out must not evoke hatred or disgust, rather a self introspection must be done to analyze whether something is indeed wrong with you. When you do so, you may be surprised at what you find and improve yourself. Self improvement is the greatest step towards progress in any field for that matter. Such people will become leaders in their respective areas, even if you are a homemaker.

True love must be expressed to be known and felt by the partner. It is no use bottling up emotions and behaving as if you are high and mighty. You will only invite feelings of disgust and contempt. All people are equal, so no one deserves to be look down upon or ridiculed. If a person is not skilled in a particular area it does not mean that he or she is totally worthless. Give your spouse a chance to shine in their area of interest and encourage them. This support will promise unconditional love for ever.

Marriage is not a matter of convenience. It is a bond of love sealed by God which man must not tear apart.

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There is no such thing as a perfect relationship because no one is perfect and everyone is different. We understand that so we make some adjustments in our relationship so it will last. But there are some major don't that should be avoided completely otherwise our relationship is destined to fail.

One is negative criticism, better known as nagging. Proverb 21:9 says; better to dwell in a corner of a housetop than in a house shared with a contentious woman. Don't laugh men; this applies to you as well. Nagging is very irritating and it wears on the nerve. It'll remove joy and love out of a relationship.

Secondly infidelity, better known as cheating. When one cheats on their Mate a bond is broken and it's very difficult to restore it. Please don't think candy, flowers, money, jewelry, a nice car or a new house will restore the relationship because it won't. This is a matter of the heart and only time can heal the hurt. In time the hurt may leave but there will probably always be a remembrance of it so the level of trust has decreased and that along is a strain on the relationship.

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Thirdly with-holding yourself from your Mate as a way of punishment. It is alright to with-hold ourselves if we are fasting but even in that we need the agreement from our Mate to do it. We should never just do a fast and our Mate doesn't know anything about it. To with-hold ourselves from our Mate as a punishment to them will only open the door for them to go out and find someone else to fulfill the need that we didn't fill.

Fourth keeping secrets. On one is going to share every little thing. I am not talking about that. I'm talking about big things like making major decisions without our mate knowing about it. In a relationship, two people should be like minded and in agreement on things. When it's not like that one will feel left out which can cause a lot of confusion and resentment? Sharing brings intimacy and that can lead to a stronger relationship.

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