Husband Loses Temper Over Little Things: My Husband Gets Angry At The Smallest Things

Understanding men is often made out to be something that only occurs if you spend a lot of time communicating with men. That's true, but it's also affected by the type of communication; typically in a conflict resolution environment, there is trade off between getting along and communication. When you fight, you communicate better but you get along less. A lot of women try to avoid fighting with their man, simply because of the animosity that rises between them. What if I could tell you that you could fight with him and not push him away in the process? Here's 3 ways my wife argues with me while drawing me closer and closer to her.

1. Quiet Arguing

Arguments are often caused by shouting. That's true. There was this one time that I was coming up from a train station and my wife called me. Because I couldn't hear her, I shouted into the phone. She got angry by default and I was forced to defend myself right off the bat.

If you argue without raising your voice (quite hard), your arguments will make more sense, you'll sort through more problems and there will be a lot more mutual respect for one another.

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2. "I feel..."

Arguments ultimately involve emotions. The act of arguing is an emotional act. If you do try to argue without emotion, the logic doesn't always come through. At the same time when you're too emotional in an argument, you often lose your chain of logic.

The solution? In a calm, measured manner, actually state how you feel. This will help to dissociate your feelings from your problems and will cause your partner to empathise with you better. It also encourages him to do the same. Mutual empathy leads to closer bonds.

3. Honesty

This is ultimately the toughest one of them all. When you are honest in your argument, you break down the highest wall and bridge the biggest gaps between you and your partner. It's not always easy, but being honest does a few things.

It builds trust between you and your partner. You have to trust that they'll be able to handle what you have to say to them. It also helps you to relieve stress and let go of things that have been building up inside you. It might also encourage your man to be honest with you, which is what you want too.

If you want to get better at understanding men, argue with him. Don't raise your voice though. Also, remember to be honest about your feelings and to put them up at face value. No low blows. If you do all this, your man will feel closer to you than ever before.

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Once upon a time, you were in love and your desire was to always be in the presence of him/her. You loved to gist and share your heart desires and aspiration with each other. For some, it took some time before parental consent was received but prior to this you vowed, 'it's either him/her or no one else.' You were committed to each other and pronounce your undying love to one another. Looking into his eyes, you said, 'you are the one I love to share the rest of my life with, for I love you as I love my very soul.' When you sleep, you think about her, when you are eating, she saturates your thought. You lose concentration at work because of her and at long last, you sealed your love on the altar and your wine of love was ever fresh. But now, you seem not to understand what is going on with your marriage; the once upon a time 'fresh wine is gradually becoming sour.' Oh! What is happening to your wine of love? Because when you were newly married, you love to share everything and anything together but now, there is a falling apart. What is happening to you? Be careful lest the devil take an advantage of you.

Danger Signals that indicates your marriage wine is becoming sour:

1. If romance becomes a struggle and you find it difficult or struggle to say 'I love you' to your spouse (you genuinely mean it when you say this).

2. If you are used to buying surprise gifts for your spouse and then suddenly this stops without any explanations.

3. If you feel more comfortable being in the company of another man or woman beside your wife or husband.

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4. If it becomes a struggle to compliment your husband/wife and yet you find it easy to appreciate another man/woman.

5. If you feel more comfortable to eat out with another man/woman in the absence of your wife or husband.

6. If it becomes a struggle to pray together and have sweet moment of fellowship with one another.

7. If your sex life with your husband or wife suddenly or gradually moves from active to 'comatose' (exceptions are in cases of health issues).

8. If you don't care anymore about how you look before your husband but always paying attention to how you look for other public engagements.

9. If you find it difficult to compliment your wife's dressing and looks and you don't run out of words in complimenting other women outside.

10. If you no longer feel the absence of your spouse whenever he/she travels.

11. If you are no longer comfortable picking your calls in the presence of your spouse.

12. If you begin to hide your phones, text messages, change your passwords etc because there is a third-party creeping somewhere.

When you see these signs, there is a need to be careful. It could be that your marriage is heading for the rocks. Please act fast before the enemy comes in and take over your home. The Lord helps us all.

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Control can become an issue in couple relationships. There are several ways that control affects relationships. If you want to have a healthy relationships it is important that each person takes responsibility to be in control of him/herself. That means that each takes ownership of his/her own feelings, thinking and actions. When you are in control of yourself you increase your self-worth and enhance the well being of the relationship.

Another way that control is referred to in relationships is when someone says "he/she is controlling me." That happens when one person insists in having things his/her way. It makes it impossible for the other person to be accepted for who he/she is. The controlling persons reality takes precedence. It becomes one persons way and can lead to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. This kind of control is inevitably very destructive to relationships.

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There are also substances that take control of people. Alcohol, prescription drugs, etc. can all develop control over a persons ability to function which greatly impacts relationships. When someone is in the hold of the substance we say they are addicted. It is the substance that has the power in the relationship. Both the substance abuser and the partner are affected by the hold that the substance has on the relationship.

The more effort people put into being in control of themselves the less they are willing to put up with relationships that limit self-growth. Instead, they look for and create relationships that are based on respect, friendship, trust, equality and love.

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Everyday can turn out to be such a stressful day, and as the day goes by, things get even more stressful

If this is the case, it is extremely difficult to enjoy life and whatever it has to offer. Good for you because there are various ways for you to do so that you could brighten your own day. You can actually view the brighter side of things, and you will soon realize that you have a brighter glow on your face.

Thank You's

When you wake up, instead of bombarding your head with certain events and hectic schedules for that day, think of specific things that you are thankful for, such as being able to actually wake up for that day. Also, you could thank God for giving you a fitful sleep the night before, that no boogieman came to disrupt your peaceful rest.

Also, thank yourself for your accomplishments, whether they are big ones or small, they are your accomplishments all the same. Show yourself some love. Give yourself the gratitude that you deserve.

Love Others.

Spending time with those who love you is a good way of finding love in your life. You are able to show your family members and friends how much you love them, at the same time that you are able to feel love from them.

Spending time with people whom you love and who love you back is good and effective way of making yourself happy. And of course, for you to be really able to find love in your life, you have to be happy. If you are not, then it is about time that you make yourself happy.

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Plan Activities That You Enjoy

You also have to be organized, not in the sense that you become obsessive-compulsive in doing so, but just enough that you plan activities that you will be doing. It is better to conduct things that you have already planned instead of just "attacking" without any plan at all.

If you enjoy swimming, then mark out the best beach spot on your map and head there the next chance you get. Giving yourself a time to relax in one of your favorite spots in the world is a good way of finding love in your life.

You could do your muscles and veins some good as you stretch out your extremities once you have chosen a good spot to sunbathe on the sand. But if you prefer wading in artificial waters, you could always use the watery comforts of a swimming pool.

All The Positive Things In Your Life

You have to love your life. Of course, since no one is perfect, that does not exempt you from anything. Thus, you could have lots of things that you probably hate in your life. However, do not submit yourself to self-hate and surround yourself with all tat negative aura.

You could make a list of all the positive things in your life. Perhaps, your family and friends will occupy slot number one, but do not just focus on them. You also have to take note of little things.

The shelter that you live in, the food that you eat for three times a day, or if you are a heavy eater, for more than three times a day, or the clothes that you put on your body, are examples of little and petty things most people tend to neglect, but are actually life's daily essentials.

Making a list of the positive things in your life is proof that you love yourself and that you do not give much attention to the negative aspects that surround you.

Loving yourself, loving your life, is a perfect way to be able to find love in your life. The love that can be found in your life is simply not the kind of love that you are able to share to others. It is the love that you can find existing in your life when you are able to love yourself.

At first, you would probably think that finding love in your life is such a difficult task to do since you are not quite sure if there is, indeed, love present in your life. But actually, it is on the contrary.

It is so because everybody has love in their lives. All you have to do to realize this is to love yourself. Loving yourself is the best kind of love that you can find in your life.

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