Husband Not Supportive During Difficult Times: How To Restore Emotional Intimacy

Are you in a marriage where you have lost your husband's love, and you really wish you could have it back?

Well you're not alone in this at happened in my little sister's marriage, and many other Woman's marriages too.

I will let my little sister tell you her story, in her own words. But before we start, you must know that losing your husband's (or wife's) love doesn't have to mean the end of your marriage, strife in your marriage or even end of sex (and even good sex!) in your marriage. That is of course, if you do things right...

Why did you lose your husband's love?

If we want to solve a problem, we need to understand it first. I have always believed that it takes a lot of courage, for any man, to suggest a woman that he loves, to marry him.

Although most of us woman say "Yes" at the end, there is always the smallest chance that we might break our poor man's heart. Besides, we woman also know how hard it is for man to make a commitment for a woman, a serious commitment of this kind.

Our dear husbands have loved us very much when we were walking down the aisle.

You need to realize though that fact that things have changed does not mean that your marriage are in trouble. I will explain this in a minute.

Emotions are flexible. This is a basic truth that you must always remember. This should encourage you.

The fact that your husband loved you very much when the two of you got married is a very good basis for winning his love back. Losing his love might be caused by pure boredom, and there are many ways to overcome this problem... you can find a lot of advices about this in many places, and also... use your imagination.

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But your marriage can be in danger if your husband has fallen out of love with you because of other reasons. I will let my little sister to explain it in her own word:

"My husband couldn't count on me for emotional support any more. It is not only that I was not supporting, I was really annoying.

I could not see this at the time but my husband just needed some space from time to time, and in these moments, instead of being supportive, I way jealous, and I kept on criticizing him for this. I was also jealous of his work, not of his success of course, but the time he has invested in it.

My husband was just emotionally exhausted because of my behaviors.

Yes, he is not perfect either, but I know that he is not the only one that needs to change in this relationship, and that I can a lot in order to fix it.

Unfortunately my husband emotional exhaustion made him open at the time to an affair, and he really didn't mean to but our neighbor who was a friend of us, was just nice to him.

She made him feel comfortable and feel good, and in time she became his emotional support and... well you can imagine how one thing led to another.

This was hard for me, I was heart, but I have decided to fight and change things around to save my marriage, and I did.

The dire truth is that it was all up to me. I was the reason and I was the cure. "

Eventually my sister has done a lot to fix her marriage and succeeded to gain her husband's love back.

My little sister has learned how to create loving, supportive, and fun relationship. When she altered her behaviors, she gained back her husband's love, and built a relationship that was better than ever.

If you think that your marriage are in trouble, or in an affair danger, don wait! Take some actions today and change things around.

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It's very common (almost normal) for long term relationships to lose the initial spark that they used to have after the first few years of being married. However, that does not mean that you're destined to be in an unsatisfying relationship. You and your spouse used to be crazy in love together. The only thing that's changed between both of you is that life and it's realities created negative or certain emotions that significantly contrasted with the emotions you used to have during your first years of "marital bliss."

Here are 2 things you can do to help you get out of a "relationship rut". If you don't know whether or not you're in a rut, here are a few signs that you and your spouse may be stuck in a "relationship rut."

-You and your spouse hardly connect in a deep and emotional level.
-You and your spouse have a routine that "works" for the both of you but unfortunately, you're getting bored
-You and your spouse rarely laugh and play together.
-You feel unsatisfied in your marriage
-You and your spouse has lost that "spark and attraction"

If any of this fits the description of your marriage, than you and your spouse are stuck in a rut.

Many people who have a hard time reconnecting with their spouse often look up ways to rekindle the love in their relationship on the internet. So many "relationship gurus" will tell you to do certain things to spice up your love life and help you rekindle that spark you and your spouse used to have.

Unfortunately, most of the relationship advice you'll get will only help temporarily fix your relationship. The tips and tricks you get from these "so called experts" are really just surface level advice that doesn't necessarily address the root of the problem.

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Think of it this way, imagine your face breaking out in blemishes. Your choice is to either apply make up to hide your blemishes or you use ointments to treat your skin. Applying make up to your face is essentially using relationship advice that tells you to spice up your sex life to get that satisfaction of a happy marriage. If you want to nourish and treat your marriage from the core, than you will have to take a deeper look at why the spark has fizzled out.

Here is how you can treat the root of the pimple rather than covering it up with makeup to give the appearance of healthy and clean skin.

Remember That You and Your Spouse Are Both Human

When we take the people we love for granted, we often forget to treat them as if they are their own person. Someone with their own dreams, hopes, fears and passions. When we get into an argument with them, we try our best to convince what we say is right and that they are wrong. Why don't you take a moment and put yourself in their situation. Accept their own beliefs and try to find a solution to the problem.

Try taking a moment to realize and become aware that the person sitting in front of you at the dinner table has their own pitfalls, just like you. This is a common mindset that many couples have when they've been together for quite some time.

They tend to think their spouse will be there for them no matter what. Yes, you guys are bonded by your marriage vows, but do you guys have the connection of a couple that are curious about each other, accepting of each other's differences, and strive to grow together? The difference between happy couples and those who are not, is that they are aware of their spouse and take the time to really "look" at their spouse, without judgments.

Instead of sitting in front of the television after work, why don't you and your spouse take a moment to reconnect. Instead, go for a walk after dinner. Ask each other questions about your day went, how you both feel and how life is treating both of you these days. When we share humanity with our spouse, we treat them with respect and value them for their attributes.

Being a "Yes" to What Life Throws At You

Another thing that most couples that don't do is allow what is happen to be okay. When you resist a situation, a feeling, a thought you inevitably create more suffering for yourself.

This doesn't mean that it's not okay to be sad or upset, but just be accepting of those emotions. Accept your partner as well as. Accept how they feel and what they do. When your husband or wife doesn't give you the attention that you want, don't fight it. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotion you feel and let it be that. When people get mad at their spouse, they are not accepting what happened. They are holding on to their negative emotions because they are not in acceptance of the situation. Whatever your spouse said or did, it happened. There is nothing you can do about it but to accept that it happened and find a solution to fixing the problem.

If you often allow feelings to fester inside of you, you are resisting and doing your best to resist what happened. The next time you're upset at your spouse for something they have done, tell them how you feel (using "I" statements so you don't evoke a fight) and let it be. You're not being a doormat, you're just not letting those negative feeling get the best of you. This will help you focus on the good in your relationship.

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Marriages are meant to last forever. You vowed to live together for the rest of your lives. In the beginning, marriage is good. You are both happy. When the newness wears off, things start to change. What makes being married so hard? It's not the marriage itself - it's the fact that men and women are so different, that sometimes we just don't know how to deal with each other.

Men and women are different, we all know that. But just HOW different? The way we think, for example.

When women are faced with a problem, most of them deal with it by talking. They talk to a few close friends, or family members, and get advice. The more they talk about it, the better they can deal with the problem at hand.

Most men don't talk about their problems. They think about them, but only to themselves. They think about them until they figure out a solution.

This is when couples really start to feel the difference between men and women. A lot of women prefer to talk about the problem, and naturally they want to talk to their husband about it. A lot of men may take this as nagging, or whining, and they get frustrated. Women, on the other hand, may think that their husband couldn't be bothered, or doesn't care, and they get angry about that.

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This way of thinking usually starts the battle between the two. If only men and women could better understand each other, a lot of arguments could be stopped.

Notice that I say 'a lot' - not ALL women are like this, nor are ALL men like this. This is just what the majority of men and women do. You and your spouse may, in fact, be exactly the opposite.

Couples run into trouble when they don't understand each other's way of thinking. A lot of women want to talk to their husbands - not only to talk about problems, but to talk about their hopes and dreams. Often, they don't really want an answer from their husband, they just want him to listen. To support her.

A lot of men don't see it this way - they think that when their wife talks about things, then she wants answers - solutions. So he gives them to her. He doesn't mean anything bad by doing so, and can't understand why she gets mad. When men have problems, they want answers to fix them.

Knowing the difference between how men and women think can help many marriage issues. Don't get upset with your spouse because they don't see things the way that you do - it's natural. It's one thing that makes marriage so special.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want is a woman who isn't negative. She can take a bit of criticism and will take it in her stride. A woman who defends herself isn't weak. On the contrary, she is strong because she realizes that she can take the criticism instead of getting hurt by it. Think you're too negative? Here's how to make your man want you more by not defending yourself when someone tries to bully you.

There's something that I realized a while back. It actually applies to both males and females. This is what I realized: those people who embrace their imperfections are perfect. Think about it. If you're constantly obsessing over little things, trying to control everything at the same time, how do you think you appear to other people?

I've said over the course of these "What Men Want" tips that the only thing you can really control is how you respond to your external environment, right? Well, I'm going to add an extra attachment onto that statement. The one thing you can really control is how you respond to your external and internal environment.

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You're self-conscious about your weight, say. If you're self-conscious about it, other people are going to notice it. If they notice that you're unhappy about your weight, they're more likely to view you as being someone of low self-esteem (even if you don't intentionally try to come across that way). You've got to battle not only your own responses, but also how people respond.

Sure, without negative, there would be no positive, but for some people, they intentionally stay in the negative, even when the positive is easy to attain. Some people may reason that they're being realistic or cynical, but you know that you're being too negative when people around you are saying that you're draining them emotionally.

They might be trying to help you, but no one who doesn't want to be helped ever gets any, even if people offer it. Whenever I feel down, just try to think of all the other people that I care about who would be negatively impacted by my negativity. For me, it's all an issue of trying not to be selfish.

It all starts inside your head. There is no negative, as long as no negative exists in your head. Realize that everything in the world is based on perception and that you control that perception. So basically, you can control the world!

Now Listen Carefully-

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