My Husband Is Not Caring: Husband Not Interested In My Life

Are you living with a man that seems more like your room mate than your husband? If this sounds like your marriage than this is an article that you must read.

First things first, you must understand that you can not control anyone's feelings, thoughts or emotions. With that said, if you're feeling unloved and it's making you feel unhappy, there is only one thing you can do. Change your mindset. If you believe that your happiness is totally dependent on other people and external situations, than you have a long road ahead of you. The difference between happy couples and unhappy couples is their mindset.

If you're depending on your husband to make you feel happy and loved, than you're most likely giving him that vibe. No man wants to feel responsible for someone else's happiness, it's just too much pressure and it's unfair.

If you still crave love and attention from your husband, you should start changing your perception. Find you're own self-love, fill that void that you feel with other things that can make you feel happy. Once you begin to feel happier about yourself as a person, you are more confident, have a higher self-esteem and before you know it your husband will be begging for love and attention from you.

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When we begin to look towards other people for happiness, our confidence, our self-esteem and self-worth are most likely low. Begin changing how you feel about yourself. Fully understand that the only person that you NEED to love you more than anything is yourself. Once you have this mindset, you'll be naturally attracting other people and your husband to you. Be the woman that your husband is willing to fight and slay dragons for.

Remember, there is a big difference when it comes to needing your husband's love to wanting it. You see, when you are coming from a place of need, you begin to look needy and that will suffocate and push your man away. When you are coming from a needy mindset, you are most likely acting in a way that's the least attractive.

Tell me which wife do you think will most likely get her husbands attention. A confident, radiant, and a charismatic wife that wants her husband's attention (she'll be happy with or without his attention). Or a wife that him to hug, hold, kiss and give her the attention she needs (she may turn into a nagging and cranky wife if she doesn't get her way).

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We always dream of a marriage where we live happily forever, but as one settles into the grove of married life things change. Real life is not a bed of roses, and realization dawns that it takes a lot of work to keep a happy marriage. There are certain things one should do if you want that your husband continue to love you.

Be his true life partner
In life you will be faced with challenges at times, at such times you have to be beside your husband and support him to deal with the tough times. When things are good enjoy the precious time that you spend with him.

Don't be a control freak
Women like to be in control in their marriage, they look after the home and in the bargain they at times manage to have control over their husband too. This puts a strain on the relationship. Make your husband love you by showing him that your marriage is between two equals and that he is one of the important pillars in the relationship.

Be his friend
If your relationship with your husband is that of a friend, then he will be able to talk to you about anything, trust you and share a strong bond. You are someone whom he can laugh with, and look for support when required.

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Keep up the attraction
Don't let marriage make you complacent about your looks. Make effort to look good for him just like you did when you were dating. He will love you more and the plus point is that his eyes will not wander anywhere else.

Appreciate his hard work
Your husband works hard to make life easier for you; he equates love with how best he can take care of you. When you show your appreciation by doing small things for him he will love it. Making his favorite dish or taking care of his needs to show that he is special will make him love you even more.

Keep him happy
Cheer him up when he is down and be his emotional support. Get romantic, be intimate and spice up your sex life, give him surprises when he least expects them and see how much he loves you. Having a good sex life is vital for emotional happiness.

Embrace his family
Remember that in marriage you cannot ignore his family and friends, it will mean a lot to him if you get along well with his folks. If you are the one who takes initiative to involve family members on special occasions, your husband will respect you and love you for this.

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When your relationship is in trouble, all you want to know is how to fix it. All common sense and logical thinking goes out the window - you panic. So many people spend money on couples counseling, but do they really have to? The answer may be surprising.

When you go to see a relationship expert, you are scared. You are afraid that your relationship or marriage is it its end. You can't rationally think about how to fix things. This is where the 'expert' comes in. They aren't in your situation. They are able to see things from a different perspective, and they can see through your problem - they have helped so many others go through a similar situation, that they can tell you different ways to fix your problems.

They can NOT say that one thing will definitely work, and everything will be fine overnight. That's just not going to happen. They can offer you suggestions, but you have to be willing to put those suggestions in action, and you have to adjust them to suit your own relationship.

A good thing that relationship experts tell you is that, even though you don't realize it, the two of you don't show each other how much you love each other, or that you appreciate each other. You NEED each other, and WANT to be with each other.

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This happens a lot when couples are together for a long time. They get comfortable with each other - so comfortable, in fact, that they forget to tell each other these very important things. When you first started dating, you both did it. But now that you have each other, you don't have to try so hard. It's not that anyone means to do it, but we do it, nevertheless.

Treat each other the way you want to be treated. Don't nag your partner. Ask them once, and let it be. If you want them to do something, nagging will get you nowhere fast. For example - if you ask your partner to take out the trash, ask once. If they don't do it, ask them hours later. If they still don't do it, then do it yourself. That is nothing to fight about. Chances are, that when they see you doing it, they will remember that you asked them to do it, and they will feel bad.

Don't take your partner for granted. They may not always be there. Never treat your partner badly, or put them down. When you have a hard day, it is too easy to take frustrations out on the ones we love. Try your best not to do this. Instead, tell them that you've had a bad day, and wish to be alone for a little while. This is another way to avoid an argument.

There are many ways to have a better relationship - one that will survive even the toughest times. All we have to do is remember that we are human - people make mistakes. Couples should also remember to treat each other with respect and understanding. You should never treat a complete stranger better than your spouse. Love each other - show each other that you love them, like you used to do in the beginning.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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I'm going to have a bit of fun here and throw in something personal. What men want (usually) is a woman who enjoys a good meal. The whole enjoying a salad or a soup as a meal would drive me insane. Food is there to be enjoyed and is great for the family to bond together over it. If you stop enjoying food out of fear of getting fat and losing yourself, you will lose us.

Although it's a generalization, where men are the breadwinners, women are the "breadmakers", if such a term exists. We love it when you cook and as attractive as it is to you lot when we try and cook, we know that you'll do a much better job than we do. We can help out, but we won't be able to cook as well as you, ever.

We get married. Whether we choose to have kids or not, having a meal together is still important to having that time to share that bond of closeness. A meal shouldn't be a chore; it should be a time to make the most of each others company while it's possible.

Regardless of whom cooks, cooking a meal gives the couple a good chance to work together and co-operate in the kitchen to produce something that they'll end up sharing. It's a good bonding experience and something that will strengthen a marriage.

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Here are three other ways that the humble meal had at home can actually be a great bonding experience:

1. Cooking is a great way to show that you understand what your partner likes and dislikes. If you cook something spicy for them and they can't eat spicy food, then there's not much chance that you'll ever be cooking again.

2. Home cooking is not only cheaper, but it shows that you're putting in the time and effort to learn and cook your spouse's favorite meal. This is something that no amount of money can ever buy.

3. Cooking is typically a home-oriented activity. As the saying goes, "home is where the heart is". Cooking has always been a symbol of family happiness and a strong connection amongst people who the meal is being cooked for.

So many cultures are built on good food. Regardless of what culture you're from, use food to improve your relationship with your man. The older you two are together, the more that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach (and not his crotch).

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