Husband Told Me He Wants A Divorce: How To Communicate With The Spouse Who Wants A Divorce

Your husband doesn't want to be married anymore. He's come to you and told you as much. His reasons may run the gamut from feeling unfulfilled to wanting to experience more before he gets too old. Regardless, you're now left trying to figure out what your next move should be. You may be wondering if it's possible to change his mind if he wants a divorce. It absolutely is. If you're not ready to throw in the towel on your marriage just yet, don't. Gain some insight into what you can do and then set out to change your marriage forever.

It's going to feel as though there's nothing you can do to change his mind if he wants a divorce, but there is. First, explain to him that you firmly believe that a trial separation is a much better choice at the moment. Rushing into a full-fledged divorce is a hasty decision. It took time for the two of you to build your marriage so it stands to reason that it will take time to separate from one another. That's why suggesting to him that he takes some time away from you in the form of a legal separation is helpful. It will afford you an opportunity to continue to work on rebuilding the relationship while at the same time giving him the space he needs.

You have to be strong throughout this. It's not easy and there are going to be moments when you feel as though you can't hold it together a moment longer but you need to. When a marriage is crumbling and the woman can't keep her emotions in check, her husband will continually pull back more and more. He may even see the fact that she's emotionally unstable as validation for leaving the marriage. If you can appear to be calm and confident during this time, your husband will see the strong woman that he married again.

One thing that often revitalizes a marriage that is on the brink of divorce is that time apart and how the partners make use of it. Your husband married a dynamic, vibrant and exciting woman. You may have lost some of that during the course of the marriage as your life priorities shifted. Try to rediscover those things now. Get out and start focusing on yourself. If your husband notices that you're starting to make some positive changes, his interest will definitely be peaked again.

Continue to talk to him as you two move through your time during the separation. It may be easier for you two to share what you're feeling if you're not under the same roof. Time away from your partner can often bring a great deal of clarity to the relationship.

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Are you presently trapped within the bondage of a troubled married life? Do you often feel too overwhelmed with your marital conflicts? Has the thought of a marriage counselor or even divorce come across your mind lately? Here is an article that aims to be of help for troubled marriage. It may not save your marriage life entirely but could provide tips that will pinpoint your relationship into the right road. By applying these tips, your marriage could be on the way to reconciliation and recovery.

Loving your spouse is a decision. This may sound pretty basic but deciding to love your partner is the best initial thing you can do to save a marriage on the rocks. Do you feel like you've fallen out of love? Do your marital arguments and conflicts made you love your partner less? It may be hard in the beginning but learn to love your partner anyway. Love is not just a strong feeling or emotion. Love is indeed a decision to make. This decision won't trap you into the chains of a loveless relationship. On the bright side, it allows your marriage to stir up the feelings you have for each other.

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Learn the 'art of forgiving and forgetting'. Forgiving may be the hardest part in settling conflicts, but is also vital in saving troubled marital relationships. If you think that your partner has in a way neglected your feelings or hurt you, learn to forgive and let it pass. There may be incidences where forgiveness is not the solution such as serial adultery or abuse. For these drastic situations, it would be best to find help and get out of the marriage immediately. If there is no abuse going on, be considerate on the fact that both of you are only humans and fallible. Both parties eventually make mistakes and have hurt the other in a way. Decide and learn in your heart to truly forgive without pretentions.

Express love in an everyday basis. As soon as you have decided to love your partner, express that firm decision. Know your spouse's love language and express your love through gifts, touch and etc. Give your spouse a ten second kiss, a five second compliment and a twenty second hug daily.

Learn to communicate in your partner's terms. More often than not, individuals always communicate based on their own terms and expect others to adjust. This selfish perspective is damaging to any marital relationship.

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Most people go through difficult times. A few years ago my wife and I went through a difficult time. There was no problem in our marriage, but the problems we faced placed a great deal of stress on our lives. Let me explained what happen. Please keep in mind what I am going to tell you is absolutely true.

Just before Christmas four years ago two of my sons borrowed my car. They were in an accident, and my car was totaled. A few weeks later my wife became seriously ill. The only help we could find for her was a clinic outside New York City. We had to travel to NYC every two weeks. At the same time my wife's parents were in the hospital. They were expected to both die. We had to travel to her parents hometown four or five times a week. And finally, we discovered another son had a heart problem.

We are thankful that everyone got better. Although my father in law died a year later. But during this time we were not able to spend a lot of time together. We were just surviving. And when you are just surviving it's easy to lose contact with one another. And when you lose contact with one another you cannot improve your marriage.

Summer is here. And most people are able to slow down at least a little. And the summer months are a great time to improve your marriage. So I have come up with this simple summer improvement plan for your marriage. I hope you will use the plan in your life.

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Here's the Plan.

Set aside one evening per week for you and your spouse. It can be any evening of your choice, or a Saturday afternoon. Your time together is to last as least three hours. Here are the rules for your summer marriage Improvement plan.

1. No children. I am not against children. They are a blessing from the Lord. But this is to be a special time for your spouse and you alone. Drop them off at your parents house, or get a baby sister. Don't allow anyone to rob you of this time.

2. No cell phone calls except for receiving emergency calls from your baby sitter. No emails. And no working on business. You are to spend this time concentrating on being with your spouse. And hopefully you will do a lot of talking together.

3. Plan to do something you both like to do. During the summer Crystal and I like to go to the free concerts at the Boston Hatch Shell. We often take a picnic dinner. There's plenty of time to talk on the way to the concert, during intermission, and on the way home.

Now that's a simply plan. But if you do this for eight weeks this summer it will make a big difference in your life and marriage. Let me encourage you to go and do it.

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Pleasant memories only grow rosier with the passage of time. You may hear your mother speak of the time when your father planned that impromptu vacation to Morocco, leaving her smitten for years to come. Have you noticed how those who cherish their memories seldom think of the small bumps along the way to their destination? It is almost as if once the goal is reached, its sheer sweetness overshadows the tumultuous journey.

Gifts collect dust, while memories turn to gold with age. As a relationship coach, I feel that creating everlasting memories doing the simplest of things together or even in isolation for your spouse outlive the value of a gift.

Here are a few tips to start off with:

1) Write down the top 50 things that you would like to do with your husband. It could even be something he would never come up with by himself, like a trip to a museum or a picnic in the park. Write down each in the details as you would ideally imagine them.

2) Of these pick your top ten, and know in your heart and mind that your purpose is to create a beautiful memory with your husband, and that the plan will work out in favor of your marriage. It is essential to anticipate a positive response and for you to tell your husband of the plans with a smile.

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3) Plan them out to the point of action. Prepare the food basket, what you are going to listen to in the car while driving there, even your clothes and his, along with all else that you need to pack. Do not forget your smile under any circumstance.

4) Rinse. Repeat.

The first step chalks out what you would like to do, irrespective of how often your husband plans outings with you. It comes very handy for the times that you tell yourself that he does not make any plans, and you wonder what to do with free time with him.

It is very necessary for you to sort out the purpose of building your marriage on good times spent together. Once you do that, you will more easily accept last-minute delays or setbacks, as they will appear to be a tiny speck in the bigger picture.

Since you have chalked out all that makes you smile in detail, it will be an easier plan to follow since you can only be completely aware of your preferences alone. Additionally, since you are making plans of an excursion that you like, your enthusiasm will be contagious for him, and he will bring his smile when you pack yours.

Rinse and repeat for each memory shared together. Start all over, bring your smile and create more reasons to smile together each day.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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