My Husband Is Mad At Me Wants A Divorce: My Husband Is Mad At Something I Did Wants A Divorce

You have probably stumbled upon this page because you are looking for a way to save your marriage and you feel like your situation is hopeless. You have tried everything but you and your spouse just cannot seem to find a way to save your marriage. Before you throw in the towel, you need to consider all of your options, even if they do seem a bit unconventional. Marriages face more challenges today than say sixty years ago. More men and women have exchanged roles, where women are the bread winners and men are raising the children, there is mounting financial pressures, forcing many couples to work more than one job, credit card debt is at an all time high and raising children in the midst of a violent and immoral world makes it more challenging. It is no wonder that many marriages fall apart before they hit the one year mark.

Where Can You Turn to?

It may seem unconventional, but perhaps one of the places you could seek help from is the institution that defined marriage in the first place and that is the Church. While the world accepts divorce as another common phase of life, like getting married or having children, the Church, on the other hand, values the sanctity of the marriage and encourages working out differences; divorce is usually not even an option. While there are exceptions where divorce may be warranted, like in the case of abuse or infidelity, many problems in today's marriages are considered very common and can be easily overcome with a bit of guidance and effort. Too often, married couples jump to divorce quickly, as if it is easier than trying to work out the problems in the marriage. We have become conditioned by today's society to accept divorce as a common remedy to marital problems, as though we can simply discard our spouse and get a new one when we have become bored with them. This is where a pastoral counselor can be a very helpful solution, not only do they have formal education in counselling or have taken classes and seminars on the subject, but they also have a strong believe in the family unity and have a genuine interest to help.

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Couple's Retreat and Counselling

Many churches offer retreats for couples, it gives them a chance to getaway for a while, get one-on-one counselling and also join group counselling with other couples. It is a relaxing atmosphere where the couples can freely open up to their spouse as well as hear from other couples who are experiencing similar challenges. It helps to know that you are not alone and that your marital problems are actually quite common. One key focus in these conferences is communication. By working out the communication issues in the marriage first, the rest of the pieces in the relationship will fall into place. Other common topics that are addressed are sex, finances and child rearing. The main goal of these sessions is to help you and your spouse get back on track and to provide you both with the skills needed to work out future problems successfully.

Reaching out to external sources for marital problems is just like seeking medical help when you are sick. You wouldn't think of making a self-diagnosis and then treating yourself, but rather, you would seek the help of a medical practitioner. The same goes for marital problems, when you are not able to resolve the problems by yourself, and everything seems hopeless, then you know you are both lacking the tools to get you through the problems.

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What to do if your husband wants a divorce and you don't because you are still madly in love with him. Your emotions will tell you to fight this with every ounce of your being. Most women will do everything in their power to keep their family together. There are ways to get what you want, a husband that loves you and a family that adores you.

The reason your husband wants a divorce is because something in the marriage has changed and he does not want to live like this any longer. Why try and guess what went wrong, you need to talk to him about what is bothering him. If your husband is not willing to talk to you about what is bothering him, you need to pay attention to his body language. Maybe he does not like things you are doing, what ever the reason, you need to change things immediately.

Many husbands in a marriage believe that their wives do not listen to them. This can be a big problem if he continuously tells you he is not happy with the marriage and wants a divorce and you do not pay attention to him. If you want to save your marriage you need to listen to what your husband is telling you. When your husband tells you he wants a separation, you need to agree with it. If your husband wants to go to counseling, you need to agree to it. Now is the time to show your husband that he means everything in the world to you.

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In love relationships, there is a set of steps guaranteed to inflame a disagreement and a set of steps to diffuse a disagreement.

Here are some sure fire ways to diffuse a disagreement.

1. Give up the right to be right.

2. Remember that there are times in love relationships where you can be right or you can be happy, but not both.

3. Save the hostile debates for presidential elections.

4.Nine times out of ten, an argument grows out of some unmet emotional need. Identify the emotional need that is not getting met, and there is no longer a need for conflict and arguing.

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5. Entertain the shattering possibility that the cause of the disagreement might be your fault.

6. Take you eyes off the content of what is being said and focus instead on the heart of what is being said. Focusing on the content of what is being said sets you up to be tempted to refute what the other person is saying. For example "Oh yeah, well what about that time seven years ago when I did come home early from work!?!"

Focusing on the heart of what is being said allows you to take care of the emotions that are being expressed. Only after dealing with the heart is there any point in discussing the content.

Listen to the heart.

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This relationship advice for women is something that affects a lot of women who are feeling that their man is drifting away from them. We men are a peculiar bunch. Most of us are driven by success and if we find that we are in a circle of successful people, we will feel like we're more successful already. It's also important to us that our wife is also successful, in a sense. Women who have drive and motivation are attractive for a number of reasons, which I'll talk about below. If you want to know more about why men leave women who don't inspire them, keep on reading.

1. Two Is Better Than One

There are some women who expect that their man does all the work in a relationship. They are the breadwinners and the providers. As much as we embrace this role, it's good to know that our woman is just at good at these things as we are.

There is nothing more comforting than knowing that a woman can look after us in the event that we're down and out. If we're both strong and capable, this is reassuring to us. It will make us work harder to support you, since we know that you're working hard to support us too.

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2. Where Are We Headed?

When we marry someone, we always have our set of dreams and ideals in mind. We're going to have this great, big house by the time we're 30. It's going to be paid off and we're going to enjoy high tea every weekend.

Reality hits. You're still trying to pay off your car loan. You're still renting a flat. Baby's on the way. Reality sucks, doesn't it? It's easy to dream, but if it's not inspiring enough or the woman isn't driven enough to reach the goal, it's easy to simply opt for second best.

3. I'm Wasting My Time

Women who don't inspire us don't give us drive to do what we do best: provide. If the woman stops being caring and simply accepts that we're there to put food on the table, then what's the point that we keep going?

We men want acknowledgment. That's a core part of us. We want to know that we're helping our woman live the life that she wants to live. If she doesn't inspire us, it makes it that much harder to be her man.

This relationship advice for women is something that relates to a lot of marriages. Although it's easy to dream, make them realistic and realisable. It takes time and effort but if you're willing to help your man by inspiring him and keeping him on track, he will appreciate, love and respect you in the long run.

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