Laxatives have been used by many among other colon cleansing products because of the fact that it’s affordable, easy and convenient especially for those who find it embarrassing to do colonic irrigation or find it difficult do enema at home. Laxatives are basically taken through the mouth in the form of pill, tablet or capsules. The results are more or less the same with other colon cleansing products—it helps remove fecal matters from the colon making not only the colon healthier but the whole body.

There are many classifications of laxatives. Each of them is discussed below.
Stool Softeners
Together with the stool goes water and stored fats making the stool softer and easier to discharge. The negative side of this type of laxative is that it might have lesser effect with prolonged usage.

Bulk-producing Agents
The stool gets to retain more liquid to add to its volume and then makes a gel-like form of stool that is quite easy to create passage in the rectum. This type of laxative can be used regularly compared to others as it’s the laxative which is the gentlest.

The stool is encrusted making it slippery so that when the need to discharge occurs it would then easily slide in the rectum making bowel movement effortless and painless.

According to research this is the most dangerous type of laxative and that usage must be done with extra caution. The smooth muscles are being stimulated to promote muscular contraction. This could be very detrimental especially for those people who are suffering from serious illnesses.

What everyone us must know that the use of laxatives when done with extreme caution can be a great choice but also it must be noted that prolonged usage of any form of laxatives can cause the tissues and cells of the body to be worn out. It might lead to dependence on outside sources and there would come a time that the body may not be able to do intestine cleansing naturally.

Abuse of laxative consumption can cause bowel movement irritability, heart or kidney problems, intestinal paralysis and electrolyte imbalance. We don’t want this to happen because in the first place, the main goal that we have for taking laxatives is to become healthier and not to expose our body to danger.

When it comes to colon cleansing products it is a must that we only choose the best colon cleansers. If laxatives are way too dangerous for you to take the risk, there is natural colon cleansing that you can try. The health benefits of colon cleansing are just too many that we must not get discouraged upon knowing that laxatives are dangerous. There are other ways to cleanse the colon and the market has a wide variety of choices.

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