If one was to think about what the propose of the media is, they may start to think about how it is there to inform people about what is taking place around them and in the world at large. Based on this outlook, it will be normal for them to look towards the media in order to be informed.

In the past, one would have needed to have watched the news on TV or to have read a paper for this to take place, but this is no longer the case. Nowadays, the only thing one needs to do is to use their Smartphone and to go onto the internet.

The Mainstream Media

It is then possible for them to find information from certain websites that represent the mainstream media, or they can look towards websites that represent what is often classed as the ‘alternative media’. This has given one far more choice than they ever had before.

One may feel drawn to the mainstream media and leave the ‘alternative media’ to one side. This is not to say they will know why this is, and it could just be because this is what they have always done.


It then might not matter if what they are being exposed to is the ‘truth’ or not; what it can come down to is that they trust the mainstream media. Through being exposed to this source of information for so long, it can end up being what is familiar, and a deeper level, what is familiar is classed as what is safe.

Their body then feels safe and this can then mean that the rest of their faculties are no longer in use. Their neo cortex, the part of them that will question what is taking place, can then be out of action and they are then likely to accept everything they hear.


Whether the mainstream media is being consumed through reading something or through watching something, there is a strong chance that one will experience fear. This is what hooks people in, and when someone is overwhelmed by fear, it is not going to be possible for them to think properly.

Now, it is clear to see that certain stories are going to cause someone to feel fearful, however, there is more to this. What it comes down to is that the mainstream media is no longer there to inform people about what is actually taking place; it is there for other reasons.

Times Have Changed

In today’s world, it could be said that it is more about controlling how people think and having high ratings that it is about reporting the facts. Telling people what is truly taking place in the world is not going to lead to this outcome.

This is why people need to be told what to think and not how to think; if they were told how to think, it would give them the chance to question what they hear. For example, if one wanted to keep people trapped in a hole, they wouldn’t throw a rope down to them.

Alternative Media

While there are people who are only too willing to go along with this, there are others who are unable to do so. Being a passive observe of what is supposedly taking place in the world is not enough for them and this shows their critical abilities are being utilised.

And perhaps it’s because of people like this that there is something known as ‘alternative media’. Unlike the mainstream media, they are unlikely to have the intention to control what people think, and while they may want to improve their ratings, this is not going to cause them to deceive people.

Divide and Conquer

Human beings are stronger together than they are apart and this is something that comes across in the saying ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. When people work together, they are likely to achieve more and they will be less likely to harm one another, among other things.

Therefore, in order to control people, it will be important to divide them. Through doing this, they will end up fighting each other as opposed to supporting each other.

One Way

This can happen through putting one gender against the other and/or through putting one race/nationality against another. They will be seen as the ‘enemy’ and it then won’t matter that the people they see as the problem are their fellow human beings.

If this was to take place directly, it would be too obvious, and that’s why it generally happens indirectly. These distractions then stop people from realising what the real problems are and this stops real change from taking place.


When a country is struggling financially, they might focus on people who are coming over from other countries. Through doing this, other nationalities can end up being seen as the reason why there are problems.

Another way is to only cover stories where one gender is acting destructively, and to overlook moments where the opposite gender is also acting in the same way. This can then create tension between the sexes.


After being exposed to these stories, one can find that they start to feel uncomfortable around certain nationalities or around the opposite sex, for instance. The reason they are having this experience is not because they have taken the time to reflect on what they have been told; it is just the result of the conditioning they have received through the mainstream media.

In this case, the mainstream media is their brain and they just do as they are told, and this means that they don’t need to think. It is then not going to be possible for them to see people through their own eyes; they will see them through the eyes of the mainstream media.


Their brain has been conditioned to see in a certain way and it won’t matter how good their eyes are, and this is because one’s brain has a greater impact on what they see than their eyes. All the time people are fighting among themselves, it will allow the people behind the scenes to carry on with their agenda.

If the colour of people’s skin is to put to one side, along with their gender, their religion, their sexuality and the place of their birth, what becomes clear is that they are human beings. And all the time this is overlooked, the easier it will be to harm one another.

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