In order for someone to experience/attain something, it won’t just be a case of them having the right thoughts; they will also need to have the right feelings and to behave in a certain way. What this comes down to is that their thoughts are just one part of the equation.

This might be hard for them to accept if they have been following the law of attraction teachings. If they have, they will most likely believe that it is purely about having the ‘right’ thoughts.

The Law of Resonance

Not only will their thoughts just be a small part of it, but they are also not going to be attracting anything into their life. In reality, they will be getting themselves in sync with what they desire so that what they desire shows up.

It could then seem as though they are ‘attracting’ what they desire, but they will be becoming an energetic match. Once they are resonating at the same frequency as what they desire, it will appear in their life.

Two Levels

Their being will embody the same frequency as what it is that they want, which is why it will show up. If their being was in a place of needing or wanting something, it would cause them to have experiences that mirror back where they are at.

And while they can consciously create the 'right feelings, it doesn’t mean that this will be enough. The reason for this is that at a deeper level - in their conscious mind - they could have feelings that are not right.

An Important Task

Therefore, for them to experience life in a certain way, they will need to consciously create the right feelings, take inspired action, and to heal their inner wounds. When it comes to healing their inner wounds, this will be a lifelong process and not something that will be done in one weekend.

Still, the more ‘baggage’ that they clean up, the easier it is likely to be for them to experience life in a certain way. This is because there will be less conflict inside them and it will be easier for them to experience certain feelings.

The Power of Focus

When it comes to gaining a deeper understanding of why it is so important to have the right feelings and to experience these on a consistent basis, taking a closer look at fear will help. What someone may find, that’s if they were to reflect on their life, is that they have often attracted what they have feared.

The question is: why is fear such a powerful manifestor? Firstly, when someone experiences fear, they will be consumed by one feeling/instinct and they will experience this fear on a regular basis, and secondly, they will have complete certainty that what they fear will take place.

Final Thoughts

Or to be more accurate, when they experience fear, it can be as though what they fear is real and not just a creation of their mind. If someone was to experience ‘positive’ feelings in the same way that they experience fear, and these feelings defined how they behaved, it might not be long until the external world mirrors back how they feel.

That is, of course, if they believe that they deserve to experience/attain what it is that they desire. To put this part in the right order: the first part will be for them to believe that something is possible and the second part will be for them to believe that they deserve it.

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