Being a woman is wonderful but what makes us wonderful is the same thing that often leaves us unsatisfied with our lives. Being a mother or a wife or a Daughter In Law is more than a full time job in itself and yet at the end of the day, we often feel less rewarded and yearn for an identity which got lost somewhere while we were busy holding the canavas for others to paint on. What about the dreams we held? Choosing one is not easy and not even worth. But why choose when you can have it all? India is slowly opening up to flexible work opportunties for women but we still lack opportunities which are more than just making some money! How about building an identity and a brand for yourself?
Something that will live with you through your expertise?
This is the ideology that gave birth to PinkDesk – A platform where women can connect, share ideas, display their interests and hold discussions on various issues. It's place for women to learn, grow and even earn. Their focus is to empower Indian women's individualistic identity. Its ambition is to be the largest digital platform for women. Your personal growth is what matters on PinkDesk. You will be able to tap into your capabilities and skills to spread your wings and contribute to the best of your potential. With a flexible work schedule, you can acquire the recognition that you truly deserve. There is a multitude of opportunities for you to channel your superpowers on this platform. And the best part? It doesn't matter which background you're from, we welcome each and every one of you with open arms. You just have to be someone who shares our ideology and wants to support the career
and identity status of women. You'll definitely be rewarded for your earnest contributions. One way your efforts will be rewarded is through PD Cash. It is a form of money that you can use to buy products in the Mandi. The money that you'll receive will be based on the performance of your original content in the form of Blogs/Vlogs or even Answers on the Forum. Let me do the math for you,
1 PD Cash = Re. 1
Make authentic submission, receive recognition and be rewarded for your performance. You can even encash it but the best way to use it would be in the PinkDesk Bazaar. PD Cash is not just a currency but a symbol of support and belief of one woman in other which would be expressed by supporting each other’s business. You can also earn regular bucks by displaying your products or services in the “Mandi”. These are the gateways to sell your products or services.
Here's how exactly you can earn money and recognition on PinkDesk:
Publishing Blog Posts on Blogger’s Park: You can impart your knowledge on topics and issues belonging to various genres. For example, relationships, self management, education, finance, life style etc. Don't worry, you don't necessarily have to be an all-rounder on any particular issue. But you can use this platform to display your knowledge and provide information which would be helpful for other women out there. Blogger’s park gives you voice and you can effectively use it for your and women’s benefits. If you are already blogging on other platforms or got your own page then PinkDesk might be the right platform for you which clearly measures the performance and pays you accordingly. Your content would earn throughout it’s lifetime!
Start Vlogging: Not into writing? No problem, PinkDesk will help you express yourself through video format as well. Press play, record the content you will cover for each video post and submit it on the platform. You could show off your cooking, make up, fashion, hair-do skills through visual content. Vlogging will not only give you the opportunity to earn PD Cash, but also give you the spotlight to acquirecool audiences.
Post Your Product or Services on Mandi: So, you don’t blog or Vlog! This is not where it all ends. We have got local marketplaces in Mandi. Separate Mandis will be displayed based on localities. So if you're intended to sell your handmade goodies and crafts or provide services to women or kids, this is a grand opportunity for you to reach success. Women have got a lot to offer but finding clients and establishing a brand is a bottleneck indeed . Create a store in Mandi and be assured of a digital presence, reaching out to target customers based on interest and locality. On PinkDesk, you will be served with the right target audience and PD cash shall only boost your sales further.
Best Efforts are Crowned: No, you don't need to belong to a royal bloodline to be 'Crowned' on this emerging unique platform. It all comes down to how much effort you're giving in to be tagged as a
'Featured Expert'. Featured Experts are taken much more seriously than a regular user. Let me break it down from the very scratch to clear the way out for you to claim royal fame on PinkDesk. First, create your profile. Second, fill up the required information. Third, select the category of your expertise. Fourth,
post original and informative content in the form of Blog/Vlog/Answers based on the chosen category. Walk through the above mentioned four
steps and the rest will follow. While you dedicate yourself on sharing knowledge, your performance would be tracked through PD score system. Once you reach the desired score target, you will receive the honour of being a 'Featured Expert' in your chosen category on PinkDesk. PinkDesk is a social commerce platform carving its way towards contributing empowerment and connection amongst the rising women population. Ultimately functioning as a great support for the women of India to gain momentum in their passion. Given the benefits of flexible working hours, women in our country can easily stitch their passion along with their profession and recognition because of PinkDesk. This is the place where you work from the comfort of your home while achieving fruitful results. Invest your time on the right platform, Invest in YOU!

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vrushali jagtap