One could find that they often feel down or angry and/or that they have the tendency to overreact. Regardless of what is going on for them, they may look into what they can do to experience life differently.

Before long, they could try to change what is going on in their mind - with what is taking place up top being seen as the reason why they feel down or overreact, for instance. Alternatively, one could pay a visit to their Doctor and end up being put on some type of medication.

Two Ways

If one takes the first approach, they will be using force to try to change what is going on. This is similar to what happens when someone uses force to straighten out a fence that is not as upright as it used to be.

On the other hand, if one takes the second approach, they will try to change how they experience life by covering up what is going on. This will be similar to what happens when someone uses a sheet to cover up the things that they no longer want to see.

The Western Way

When one tries to change or fix something, they are going to be operating from their masculine element. As for trying to cover things up, this can also be seen as coming from the same element.

The reason for this is that one will be getting away from what is going on as opposed to facing it. If one was coming from their feminine element, they would face what is going on.

A Different Way

It might seem as though the two approaches above are the only way to deal with mental and emotional problems. If one doesn’t change what is going on or cover it up, it could seem as though nothing will happen.

However, while this may seem to be the case, there is another way to resolve what is going on. If one was to connect to what is taking place inside them, they could find that there is small child that wants to be seen and heard.


In the same way that a small child will want their caregiver to listen to them if they are upset, not for them to try to change what they are going through or to silence them by giving them food, the small child inside them will want the same thing. For many, many years, this child may have been overlooked.

In the beginning, their caregivers may have ignored them and, as the years went by, one may have ignored the child that is inside them; or the children that are inside them, as there can be more than one child self inside them. The ‘negative’ feelings that they have and the destructive ways in which they behave, for instance, can show that this part of them is not in a good way.

Final Thoughts

When one connects to this part of them and allows it to express what it needs to say, they can find that their life gradually starts to change. This will be a time when one embraces their feminine element, as they will be surrendering to what is taking place inside them.

They won’t be trying to change or fix anything and they certainly won’t be trying to cover anything up. One might not be able to do this by themselves, though, and may need to reach out for external support.

If they were to connect to this part of them, they could end up being overwhelmed. So by working with a therapist or a healer, for instance, one will be able to go where they wouldn’t go by themselves, and this will allow them to develop the strength that they need to do inner child work without external support.

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