Developing an abundant supply of targeted referrals is the number one lead generation system used by top sales people.

The first step to implementing any successful lead generation system is to get your attitude right. Becoming a "Master of Referrals" requires the proper referral attitude.

Many sales people believe that by asking for referrals they're putting people on the spot or being pushy. "I'll wait and if they want to refer someone to me they will". If this is your attitude you need to change it.

Do you care about the people you do business with? Does that caring come "from the heart" instead of from your pocket? Do you care about the products or services your client's friends are buying? Do you believe your product or service is the best?

I figure your answer is yes!

If you truly believe your product or service is the best money can buy and you care about your clients and their friends, you're doing them a disservice when you don't implement this lead generation system of asking for referrals. If you don't they may end up with one of your competitors who offers less benefit, protection and advantage as you do.

Your job is to make sure everyone in your client's network is looked after by the best. So make sure that's you!

You see, your clients are probably too busy to continually think about helping people in their network. By using a lead generation system of asking for referrals you're giving them an easy way to help their friends. You're making sure they get the same top quality products and services.

You've Got to Create a WOW Experience

Most sales people only try to satisfy their clients. Statistics show that two out of three consumers that were merely satisfied with a company will never return. If you only meet the client's expectations, you'll never see two thirds of them again and you won't receive an abundance of referrals.

So how do you get a client to come back to you again and again? How do you get your current and past clients to give you a personal endorsement to their friends and relatives?

By implementing the second step of this lead generation system and creating a WOW experience! Make every clients experience special!

How many of your friends, family and business associates would you refer to a company that.

* Takes care of your needs better than you ever expected
* Delivers more than they promise
* Makes you feel special every time you communicate with them
* Delivers amazing results for you

If you take the time to create a WOW experience for your clients, it's very possible every one of them will be selling for you.

One of the easiest ways to get referrals is too continually over deliver. If you give much more than you promised, people will want to help you in any way they can.

Over delivering should be the way you do business. The referrals, thank you notes and new friends you make are the bonuses you receive for doing your job.

Make a genuine difference in people's lives and you'll always get lots of referrals.

Make it Easy, Fun and Enjoyable to Refer People to You

People don't like doing difficult things unless there's an incredibly rewarding benefit in doing so. Even then many people still won't do something that appears too difficult.

Many salespeople's clients are unsure about who to refer. Which means they have to do all the work by figuring out who to refer? So they may end up referring no one.

Make sure your clients know exactly who to refer. Otherwise you're not going to get a high quantity or quality of referrals.

The third step of this lead generation system is give each client a good idea of who they could refer.

For example, The Realtor you recently purchased your home from could say to you.

"Do you know anyone who recently had a baby, got married or received a promotion and might be thinking about buying or selling a house?

If you do, I'm sure they could benefit from my services. After all you know how good my service is. So, please introduce them to us. If you do I'll be sure to do something wonderful to thank you."

You can see how this helps you know "exactly" who the Realtor is looking for.

So make sure you show a genuine interest in your clients, their families and friends. Make it your business that they receive the best products and services available, YOURS! Create a WOW experience for every client you do business with. Make over delivering your way of doing business. And make it easy for people to refer new clients your way by telling them who to refer.

Follow the three steps of this lead generation system and you're on your way to creating an abundance of new target clients and becoming a Master of Referrals.

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