A sales objections technique that‘s really effective for retail and showroom sales. Feel Felt Found and has been used and proven successful for direct sales to the public.

It works on those sales objections that are formed by customer’s feelings. Used by many small businesses, and people selling their own services, to increase business and close sales.

When your customer hits you with a sales objection that starts; I think, or I feel, you know to use Feel Felt Found. It’s a really good way to handle sales objections that are a first reaction to your product by the customer. They state the objection using emotional words related to how they feel. You answer in the same way with Feel Felt Found, and you build instant rapport.

At first you may feel unsure about such an easy way to approach sales objections. Many experienced sales people have felt the same way. Once they tried it they found it closed sales and earned them commission.

See how easy it fits into normal conversation. If you missed the technique go back and read the last paragraph

You start with, I understand how you FEEL

Empathize with your customer. Tell them that you can understand how they feel and why they have raised their sales objection.

This sales objection technique works with your customer. You let them know you are like them, because people buy from people that are like them. And you, like me, are just like them.

The Feel Felt Found objection handling technique lets your customer know that it is understandable that they have this objection to the sale. That it’s normal, it’s happened to other people just like them, and those people still went ahead and bought the product. Hopefully just like them.

This first action takes the sting out of the sales objection. It says to the customer, and to you, that raising this objection is not going to stop you buying, or me selling. You’re saying, yeah, everyone says that. Then they see that...

Other people just like you have FELT the same way.

Other customers just like you, felt the same way as you do, and they bought from me.

Feel Felt Found uses social proof as a motivator, and shows that others said the same, and they went on to buy. Your customer wants to be like others, we all do. Do you enter an empty restaurant, or do you want to go where others go. It’s a built in safety instinct. If there are others at this waterhole it must be safe for us.

The Feel Felt Found sales objection technique says to your customer, the feelings you have at the moment have been felt by many others, and it didn’t not stop them buying. The reason it didn’t stop others buying is because of what they Found.

This is what others have FOUND

A quick re-cap on the Feel Felt Found sales objection technique.

I understand why you FEEL....

Others have FELT.....

Now we move onto

What they FOUND was........

Tell your customer what other customers found when they bought from you. Not just enough to overcome the sales objection. This is your chance show how great your product is. Tell them, others didn’t just find enough that the sales objection was no longer an issue. They found benefits that surpassed their expectations and gave them something that felt great. See how we’re back to those feelings again.

How to handle sales objections with Feel, Felt, Found.

Examples to help explain how to use Feel Felt Found to overcome sales objection

I understand why you might Feel the price is too high.
Other customers have Felt the same way.
When they saw the money they saved with it they realised it was a really good investment

I know how you feel. When I first saw it I felt the same. But when I tried it I found I looked at it in a different way.

It’s understandable that you should feel that way. I felt the same when I thought about changing. Now I’ve found that it works much better than my old one.

Overcome your sales objections with Feel Felt Found

It’s quick and easy to learn, and to put into action. Try it out and see how many more sales you close and how much more commission you earn. Use Feel Felt Found on the objections related to feelings and see how easy it becomes with a little practice.

A great way to use Feel Felt Found is to integrate it into a sales objection process. Take a look at this Sales Objections page from the Sales Training website and see what you think of the sales process there.

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