Having a great closing technique doesn't guarantee you'll close sales. Closing the sale begins before you walk in the door.

You can learn every closing technique there is, however, each one will be more effective if you've taken the time to qualify and present properly.

If you get to the end of the sales process and find that closing the sale is difficult, you probably did something wrong earlier in the sales process.

The best sales closing technique I have found is to qualify and present properly. By spending time finding the prospects problem, the one that keeps them awake at night and presenting your product or service as the solution, closing should happen naturally.

Many sales people spend very little time finding the prospects problem and then presenting how their product or service will solve their problem. Then they look for some magical closing technique to make their lack of preparation work in their favor and make the sale.

The top salespeople use proper execution of all parts of the sales process as a sure fire sales closing technique. When you spend time qualifying and presenting many of your prospects will ask "how do we get started" or "what's the next step" before you even have to close.

If you're still having difficulties closing the sale, what you may find is you don't have a good prospect. Don't waste your time and energy on prospects who don't have a need or who have a need your product or service can't fill.

Learn to accept the fact and you can't help everyone and you'll save your self time, energy and the frustration of not closing the sale, you wouldn't have closed no matter how many closing techniques you use.

The use of an assumptive close during the process of gathering information and presenting benefits of your product or service is great closing technique if used properly. Using the word "when" instead of "if" and "your" instead of "my" will help the prospect assume ownership. During the whole sales process you should assume that the prospect will buy.

If you need a closing technique to complete the process, the best one I have found is the alternate of choice. This close assumes the prospect will buy and by choosing either option they are choosing to go ahead with the sale. People do want to buy. Sometimes they just need help in making a decision. Give them options that will provide a win - win situation for every one.

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