How To Show Husband That I've Changed In Order To Save My Marriage: How To Show Him I've Changed

PICTURES ARE INCREDIBLY RICH AND CAPTIVATING. A family walks out of a takeaway restaurant. The father jumps straight into the driver's seat and leaves his wife to get the three very young children into the back of the family SUV - a process taking about a full minute. Is there anything wrong with this picture so far?

Too many relationships feature one selfish partner where the other shoulders much of the burden of the work. The anti-love bond is clearly showing in these relationships.

It shows up in the selfish one - they, in their selfish laziness, are not lifting a finger they don't have to. They clearly don't understand that love is a verb - it's action to help and care for the other partner.

The anti-love bond is enlivened too in the partner picking up the pieces all the time; their commitment waning - it's all they often have left. I pictured the wife of the guy profiled above as just holding out for him to go back to work - for a little relief. I couldn't have seen him lifting much of the weight off her shoulders at home.

And men can be classically of this ilk. If they're the sole bread-winner they might often sit on their hands at home, expecting to be waited on hand and foot. Yet, men like this are little boys - they're not men at all, least of all gentlemen.

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And what of the woman? She might create or perpetuate this bond by taking undue advantage of her power over the financials (if he's not the budget-Nazi). And yet, with her and all the kids clad in designer apparel and having the latest mod cons, she's not going to be any happier. Nothing makes it better for her; she needs a loving, considerate and respectful husband. Nothing else will compensate.

The only way I can see to break this anti-love bond that's permeated a relationship is to challenge it. No partner deserves selfishness. Every married couple deserves one hundred percent from their partners most of the time - I say most of the time because none of us are perfect. Everyone slips.

A loving partner reminds patiently where it is required. The loving partner who receives the reminder should accept it gladly and not need constant reminding for the same things.

No partner should get away with wanton selfishness. Not only is the other partner not getting what 'they signed up for,' think of the kids - they're getting the wrong example of what married life should look like. Their models of marriage are being damaged. They're likely to become either oppressors or doormats. They'll not know what love is supposed to look like - the constant seeking to give to the other.

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Selfish people are living their child-lives all over again, or perhaps they never stopped being kids?

Consider what the apostle Paul said, in direct relationship to love:

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.
~1 Corinthians 13:11 (NIV).

Paul is saying that to love, we must put childish ways behind us.

Men and women who routinely put themselves first have not learned the responsibility of proper adulthood. Yes, it's a tough life. But two are better than one and the design of marriage is that both partners must pull together, for each other, for the kids, for the family. Life gets a lot easier this way.

Marriage partners ought to hold each other accountable to reasonable standards of adult behaviour if their partners cannot be self-accountable. This is not being tough; it's just being fair.

It's simply essential maintenance to prevent a marriage getting or being sick.

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Marriage is the societal recognition of the bonding and union of two people who commit themselves completely to each other. It is the platform to raise future descendants of man and woman. After a few years or weeks or months, when unhappy events occur, couples fight with other and forget the love which had united them earlier. Instead of trying to solve problems, they go for divorce without rethinking the situation.

Separation is a painful process which includes children also sometimes. What was once a happy home becomes a place where shouts and swears are heard. Tears stain the faces of the family members. Is this what one wants? Never, try to reconcile by following these methods. Give up fault finding- we should not find faults always, because the partner will feel that he is being questioned. Judge not, that ye be not judged- Matt 7; All humans are not picture perfect. So give one more chance to improve.

1. Greed- Shed your greed for more possessions. Desires must be moderate; otherwise the thirst will never be quenched. Dissatisfaction will result in the loss of peace of mind. Patience- try to be patient. Don't throw tantrums like kids. Waiting a little while for things or situations to become better will only give good results. When anger takes control of the mind, relax for a moment and remember that one is a mature adult, capable of handling serious situations.

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Forgiveness- To err is human, to forgive divine. Every man makes mistakes. One should not make a mountain out of a molehill.But if ye do not forgive, neither will your father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses- Matt 11; 26.All humans make mistakes, so please consider this factor before reprimanding another.

Adultery- Give up flirting and love your partner truly. If love is what brought you together, remember the old days and revive it. Try to refresh marriage by taking a break from normal routine and have short vacations often. Be dutiful- Try to be dutiful and devoted to each other. Consider your partner as the best and love each other unconditionally.

Do not nag- this is a most irritating behavior and induces the feeling of hatred towards the partner which can be demeaning Following these steps might help save your marriage from divorce. Always think twice before taking hash decisions. Relaxing and meditation could calm your mind and clear the confusion. Giving and forgiving can save a lot of tension and smooth out the friction in a relationship.

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Communication problem
Communication problem is actually one of the most common signs of broken marriage. Many couples are facing the problem of quarrelling every day or not talking to each other. Such situations will cause couples to face a communication breakdown and hence, not being able to understand each other needs well.

An affair in a marriage is also one of the common signs of broken marriage. Nobody can stand a spouse cheating.

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No Trust
Trust is important to maintain the harmony in a marriage. When there is lack of trust in a marriage, it will lead to quarrels and misunderstandings. Sometimes having such insecurities could be due to a bad experience from a previous relationship or the spouse had ever cheated on the other.

No respect
If you feel that your partner doesn't treat you with respect at all, this could also be one of the danger signs of broken marriage. Lack of respect could also mean lack of appreciation from the spouse and it is likely he or she is taking things for granted.

Lack of commitment
Commitments towards the spouse, children and household are definitely important in a marriage. Commitment can also show how much responsibilities and effort the person are giving in.

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Love is mysterious. It often means the deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection toward a person. Love also means intense desire and passion to possess someone or something. We do not know why such desire or affectionate feelings happen for a particular person, but when such feelings fills the heart and mind of a person, he (or she) knows that he is in love.

Love can thus be compared with the force of attraction that exists between material things or between opposite charges. We have no idea why such attractions take place, but we can measure these attractions and calculate the existence of gravity or electrical field from the forces exerted on the object.

We know about some common attributes of a lovable person. It is well known that man often falls in love with a woman who is beautiful and young. The females' species are more likely to fall in love with a person who is more successful, more dependable and often have a good sense of humor. Yet after the marriage, most people fall out of love and they find their "loving" relationship just like any other relationship like friendship, affection etc.

Most people try looking for love in another person after they fall out of love and the cycle keeps on repeating till the end of their life.

Yet we find that some people never fall out of love even after years even after all the physical attractiveness had vanished and they have got used to the success of failures of their spouse.

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Love is surely not an ordinary attraction which is experienced between two material beings. The loved one is special and no one in the world can substitute the beloved. For example, you can replace any old car with a newer and better car you do not love your car. Similarly, you can never like to replace your children with more beautiful and intelligent children because you love your children. When you love someone, that person becomes so special that he becomes an integral part of yours. Hence you can never separate him or her just like you can never think of separating your leg or eyes even if they are not the best in the world. The separation if happens become as painful as the tearing of your body part.

Therefore, if you feel to be in love with a woman just because she is beautiful, you can change your love if you get even more beautiful person. Yet if you really love a person, you can never change him or her for any other person in the world. In fact the beloved person becomes even more important than the self and often people give their own life to save their beloved.

Don't you remember the movie "Titanic"?

We often wonder which quality of a person makes him so special that no one in the world can substitute him. If you analyze, you may notice that the most important element of love is faith. When you are in love with a person, you have full faith in the person. This is true in all types of love. A mother loves a child because of her faith and trust for him. The feeling of compassion comes only when people have faith on the humanity. If you do not faith on other people, compassion is impossible. No friendship can exist between people who do not have faith on each other. Even between the husband and wife, faith is of paramount importance.

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Even falling in love is an act of faith. You can never fall in love with someone whom you do not trust or you are convinced about his or her faithlessness. That is why people hardly fall in love even with the most beautiful prostitute of the world but give up their kingdom for the sake of an innocent damsel.

Men often find beautiful women irresistible since beauty too is related with faith. It is said that face is the mirror of heart and heart is the place where faith lives. Hence a faithful person alone can retain his or her beauty and the cheaters soon lost their beauty. If young men are women are attractive, it is because they have yet to learn the tricks of breaking the faith. It is this act of innocence that made them most attractable and desirable for love. One can hardly fall in live with a professional model despite of their perfectness of body and face. The females are also attracted towards the men whom they find faithful. It is extremely rare for a man to achieve great success in life unless he has learned to earn trust and faith of the people.

Faith is thus the foundation of love as all loves are rooted in faith. Love can sustain any assault but it cannot withstand the breaking of faith. Most love relationships are broken as the lovers lose faith in each other. A famous Indian poet Rahimdas said,

- Never break in any case,

- The soft thread of love,

- It can never be joined after break,

- If joined a knot remains

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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