Customer service plays a crucial role in expanding business. Happy customers are loyal customers. Satisfied customers are worth a billion dollar publicity campaign. Similarly, unsatisfied customers can tarnish the business reputation with their negative feedback. It is necessary for every organization to focus on delivering exceptional customer service. Here, are some easy tips that can help in enhancing the overall customer service experience.

Smile: In a face-to-face customer interaction, smile plays a crucial role. Customers love to interact with a pleasant customer service officer as compared to a grumpy customer service associate. Smile helps in breaking the ice and spreading the warmth. Do not underestimate the power of smile in telephonic conversations. Customers can hear the smile in the phone officer’s tone hence it is indispensable to remain pleasant and smile through customer interactions.

Listen: Listening plays a vital part in understanding the customer’s situation. Many a times, customer service officials, assume that they have understood the problem half way down the conversation. This leads to unsatisfactory resolutions. Customers may also get irritated, as they need to repeat themselves. One must ensure that customer service representatives practice active listening. Active listening helps in picking up cues to customer’s core problems. This in turn, will help in providing appropriate and satisfactory solutions to the customer.

Summarize: summarizing or paraphrasing helps in ensuring that the customer service officer is on the same page with the customer. It also provides confidence to the customer that his problem is understood correctly. It also avoids any discrepancies in the solution. Paraphrasing ensures that the representative has covered all aspects of the customer’s problem.

Seek confirmation: Customer service officials must seek customer’s consensus on the solution provided. Many times, customers may not be happy with the solution provided. In such situations, it is the responsibility of the customer service official to explain the best possible way to the customer.

Follow up: Customer service official must ensure regular follow-up until the case is resolved. Leaving the case mid way will cause unnecessary stress to the customer. It will also tarnish the business reputation. Customer service officials should update the customers regularly on progress of the complaint. This will make the customer confident that his case in responsible hands.

Be courteous: Some customers may be sweet while some may be rude. It is vital to treat every customer individually. Courtesy is the essence of customer service.

These basic tips will help in delivering exceptional customer service.

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