When I was with a friend last year, I remember touching upon what was going on with the presidential election in America. I had been paying attention to this, but this friend hadn’t been doing the same thing.

I said that it was hard to work out what was going on and he said that there was no way of really knowing, or something something similar. Not only this, he didn’t see the point in getting caught up in what was going on; after all, it wasn’t as though we could do anything about it.

Another Distraction

If anything, he saw this as another distraction and something that would simply take his attention away from what he did have control over. It was then about bringing it back to the self and letting go of the distractions.

What this came down to is that he was aware of how important it was for us to use his attention wisely. And if he was to get caught up in this and to focus on something he no control over, it would be a waste of his time, attention and energy.

A Reminder

This wasn’t the first time that I had heard anyone say this, as I had about this before; there have even been moments in my own life when I had applied this. Even so, this was a time in my life when I forget about what I ‘knew’.

Fortunately, Wain, the friend who I am talking about, isn’t the kind of person who acts like he knows everything. So, although I had slipped up, so to speak, I didn’t feel as though I was being criticised.

Another Experience

A little while after this, he spoke about a moment in his own life when what was taking place within them had been mirrored back by others. This experienced reminded him of how careful he needed to be when it came to what he focused on.

One of the reasons why he was able to see what was going on was because if didn’t take long for his inner reality to be mirrored back externally. Often, this is something that can take a while, and this is then why it can be hard to see the connection.

Looking Back

Hearing his experience made me think about what had taken place for me a number of years ago, a time in my life when a lot of trauma was triggered within me. My inner world seemed to change overnight and this meant that I started to see the world differently.

In reality, this pain had been coming up for a little while, but an event brought it all up to surface. It was as though I had ended up on a different planet; a planet that wasn’t safe and where other people were not friendly.

Two Parts

Taking this into account, I think that it shows how important it is for us to be careful when it comes to what we focus on. In the same way that a garden needs to be looked after and that the right seeds need to be planted, our mind also needs to be looked after and for us to plant the right seeds).

On one level, there is what is taking place in our mind, and, at a deeper level, there is what is taking place in our body or our so-called unconscious mind. And it is going to be a lot harder for us to focus our mind if our body is loaded with trauma.

The Right Approach

With this in mind, one person might simply need to focus their mind, whilst another might also need to deal with the baggage that is in their body. During this time, they might spend a fair amount of time focusing on things that are ‘negative’, but this won’t last forever.

And as their inner world changes and they feel better about themselves as a result, their outer world will gradually start to change. This won’t be something that takes place through force; it will be a natural process.

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