Creating a new startup is great. There is so much potential in the possibilities of where it can go. Getting involved in a new startup before or as it's launched is awesome. The energy and excitement around it can be magnetic.

But what happens to the momentum after a few hurdles and setbacks occur? Where does the energy go?

The problem is, everyone is chasing this big picture goal but they don’t have a yellow brick road. I coach many clients through this exact issue. They wake up in the morning and have a few things on their mind of what they want to do but it is missing something.

There is no routine. There is no action plan. There is no yellow brick road.

To build success you need to have a yellow brick road. This is how we build the mindset for success and the conditions to create a viable and sustainable start up. So what is the yellow brick road?

The yellow brick road is your map but not just a map, it’s your daily action plan of the steps you must take each day and every day. It’s the steps that you will take to build up the foundation for success. It is how you motivate yourself each and everyday.

Consider it a road map for your success.

Without a yellow brick road you can soon find yourself following the wrong map. It is easy to get distracted. To look at other startups and think, we should be doing that too. But their actions may not work for your startup. And even if they might, they probably worked on those actions daily to build the momentum for success. Trying different things each day or each week will not work unless you have the foundation for success in your plan.

There are some key things that you should always have in every road map to success. I teach and coach the 6 daily actions that are needed to create success. Once you know these you can apply them to any venture and reap the benefits.

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Every startup needs a daily action plan. It will help you build the mindset for success. It is easy to measure and it will help you build momentum in between the big exciting events. This is what we are working against. It is that loneliness of the lull that comes after some success crosses our path.

The daily action plan erases that lull and makes everyday adventurous so the big successes become the icing on the cake. Imagine how much better your business will be once you add this to your toolbox for success?

Make sure you have a yellow brick road to help you create the success you deserve.

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