Most times when a woman continuously asks the same questions over and over again, checks her partners belongings, looks through his cellphone, constantly checks up on him, and she can’t trust him around other women; these are clear signs of insecurities. Why is she insecure? Was she this way before getting into the relationship? If so, her partner only has themselves to blame, because they knew beforehand that they were getting involved with a woman who wasn’t yet healed from previous issues. Her partner already knew she was an insecure woman before getting involved with her. You cannot fix people. People must fix themselves. However, when getting involved with a woman who was secure and confident within herself from the beginning, and then all of sudden she starts displaying insecure ways, more than likely her partner started behaving differently in the relationship, sparking the insecure behavior within the woman. A secure woman is not going to all of sudden become insecure for no reason. A secure woman is very analytical. She processes everything. She thinks first. She has already analyzed, thought and processed the different behavior from her partner and knows full well that something is going on, so she starts to ask questions.

The way a secure woman asks questions is totally different from the way one who is insecure would ask questions. She never had to question her partner’s behavior before and now things are different in her head space. A secure woman refuses to be in a relationship where she has to regularly question her partner, because trust has now become an issue. An insecure woman refuses to leave because she thinks she needs her partner, although she doesn’t trust him. Women either come into the relationship insecure or their partner makes them insecure. An insecure woman needs to build herself up from the inside out to alleviate her insecurities. Secure women should never allow their partners to tear down the very quality that they envy most about you: Your Security and Confidence Within Yourself.

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Dr. Monica Mi'Chelle, PhD is a Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, and a Spiritual Writer. Her only job and task on earth is to awaken the sleeping, open the eyes of the blind and to steady the feet of those whom stumble, which she does daily by being a living example. Dr. Monica Mi'Chelle, PhD writes and designs curriculum for organizations, she teaches and she's a counselor.